Pumpkin Chuckin Corn Maze Happiness

The story is told that when in 1776 Thomas Jefferson was writing the Declaration of Independence and got stuck on "Life, liberty, and ...and" a band of Mummer's strutted past and he quickly scrolled "the pursuit of happiness." into the document...and American life.
Although much forgotten these days, the Founding Fathers were absolutely brilliant. For proof of just how brilliant they were, find a link to their sayings here.
There is pursuit of happiness beyond pumpkin chuckin and corn mazes, but an exercise and fun-filled night at Lawyers Moonlight Maze ranks up there.
And firing pumpkins from an air compressed cannon...how great is that!
I went there with my wife and several parents whose children play on my son's team at South Carroll High School. For $5 to enter, it provides a lot of fun.
Contact: 240 315 8133, 13003 Creagerstown Road, Thurmont, MD 21788
The corn maze is HUGE (7.5 miles of trails covering 42 acres)! What's fun is that you wander around with a simple map and the corn is so high and the lanes so confusing you get lost over and over. In the process, you laugh and cut up with the other parents about the antics of your kids.
Eamon's best friend's parents told a good one about taking away his phone and gaming computer only to walk up the stairs to see his TV out in the hallway, too.
Ah, teens...they were lost somewhere else and found us three hours later.
They change the target theme every year. This year's theme was Iron Man, which is what you see standing against the horizon in the photos below. Staying on theme, the Iron Man movie plays at night on the straw bale screen.
The campfire teepee has a large fire where you can warm yourself up after a cold walk through the corn maze.
Recharge your energy with the kettle corn, warm apple cider, and hot chocolate.
The pursuit of happiness, as our Founding Father's knew, is grand!

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