WWII Liberty Ship John W. Brown

Project Liberty Ship, which celebrates the service history and sailors who served on the S.S. John E Brown Liberty Ship, is
celebrating 30 years (1988 - 2018). As they describe themselves:
"Welcome aboard S.S. JOHN W. BROWN, one of only two remaining, fully operational Liberty ships that participated in World War II. This wonderful piece of history provides an educational and historical opportunity for the public to experience 1944 all over again, without the dangers of being sunk by a submarine or a torpedo bomber!Through the efforts of talented and dedicated volunteers, coupled with the generous financial support of members and friends, S.S. JOHN W. BROWN continues to educate by operating as a historic museum ship, furnishing visitors with a unique opportunity to experience "living history" of the World War II merchant marine.
I came to know about them through the grandchild of someone who had flown in the B-24 with my Uncle Frank in WWII. He asked if I had ever visited the
ship S.S. John E. Brown in the Baltimore Harbor. He highly recommended that I do so. I told my wife about it and she got reservations for herself, my son, and me.
As we waited to board her, we met a guy who takes vets with PTSD on hunting excursions from Christfield, MD to Smith Island, MD (spectacular Chesapeake Bay waterman history there).
That is the beauty of taking the S.S. John E. Brown...you meet beautiful vets like this guy. I told him about my college room mate and good friend Dr. Eric Finzi's remarkable work healing depressives using botox therapy. Dr. Finzi is conducting large-scale clinical trials demonstrating how botox can help vets with PTSD.
(Like Tom Glenn, NSA employee extraordinaire and the last man out of Vietnam in 1975 and author of The Last of Annamese describing his experience getting his people out, I do not like the term PTSD but prefer PTSI (post trauma stress injury).)
If you know vets with PTSI (PTSD), make them aware of Dr. Eric Finzi's revolutionary work treating depression, PTSI, and suicide idea's using botox therapy. I know it sounds unusual, but it is serious medical therapy saving lives. Basically, the botox injections freeze the medula muscle and prevent negative thoughts from repeating.
"Facial expressions of emotion such as fear, anger and sadness, all use the corrugator muscle. There is a feedback loop, the emotional proprioception between the amygdala region deep in the brain which is involved with emotions, and they can be blocked when the corrugator muscle is blocked" according to Dr. Finzi. See here for more details.
They do an excellent job of feeding and entertaining all voyagers.
A healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks are included in the ticket price. On our trip, the sun was brutal and they had buckets of iced down bottles of water to stay hydrated.
Voyagers will hear a reenactor President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous "Day of Infamy" speech where he rallies the shell shocked nation after Imperial Japan launched it's sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Hear America's Sweethearts sing Andrew Sister and other songs in perfect feminine harmony.
Watch the ships guns hold off Imperial Japanese dive bombers.
And when you walk down the gang plank, take a copy of the LIVE magazine with stores and ads from 1944.

The photos here demonstrate the historical reality of this remaining Liberty Ship, the thousands of others having been sold or scrapped. Americans do not know their history, especially the story of the fighting men and women and families who sacrificed, Christ-like, to protect, defend, build and enrich this great American civilization. The S.S. John W. Brown is a microcosm museum record of that sacrifice. Take you children and your grandchildren to see it and sail on it. Ensure this great American civilization continues and triumphs thereby.