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Civil Defense Museum

Lest you think this is all in the past, go to Ki4U and here.
Eric Green has created an online Civil Defense Museum website and a Facebook Civil Defense Museum page for several decades.
He has collected and preserved artifacts of the Cold War Era Civil Defense program.
And he has uploaded multiple civil defense videos to YouTube.
Here is the home page to give you an idea of his collection.
See my youtube channel here.....
http://www.youtube.com/user/vanamonde2 with various CD related videos.
and the CDM Facebook page here... https://www.facebook.com/Civil-Defense-Museum-112365362134773/July 8, 2018 - Added a photo of an early version of a Medical Kit A to the shelter supplies section medical kit page Medical Kit Page.
June 2018 - Reformatted the Community Shelter Plan Pages with one main pages and all other CSPs on their own pages. Dallas is now the only CSP on the main Community Shelter Plan Page.
May 19, 2018 - Added a ColliCSP page.
n County, Texas Community Shelter Plan to the overstuffed
March 25, 2018 I think I have finally finished reformatting the site. Just added a few photos provided by Mr. Victor Lee of the GE NEAR Receiver to the NEAR Receiver page.
January 3, 2018 Still working on re-doing the whole site. Finally getting down to the end, I hope, with finishing the Warning Sirens Section.
I added some new pages to the sirens section with separate sections for Other Siren Projects. This section shows the Thunderbolt 1003 from Sherman Texas and I added two pages for the Thunderbolt 1003 I got from Arkansas and only had for a short time back in 2010 and I also added a page for the Thunderbolt 1000 I got from Fort Worth Texas. Thanks Bryan!
June 2017 - Started updating the format of this site.
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This virtual museum is dedicated to the Civil Defense and emergency workers of the United States who worked to protect the public from nuclear attack. Thankfully, their services, in that aspect, were never needed. This virtual museum is for historical purposes and does not make fun of civil defense, however, I do throw in a few "light" comments here and there.
There are many aspects of the Civil Defense program that may seem funny today, but the period after World War II was a very scary time. Civil defense officials and volunteers during that time were very serious about their work and I believe they deserve respect for their efforts. They rendered emergency services after natural and man-made disasters and would have had an impossible task had there ever been a nuclear war.
The answer to the question I often get "where is your museum located?" is that this is only an online museum. I have only ever had one public display of any of my collection items in the almost 20 years I have had this site up and that was at the Allen Public Library for the month of February 2003. Sure I would love to be able to permanantly display this stuff but I have no idea where I could do that.
News photos and articles on the Dallas EOC Shelter tour pages were used with permission of the Dallas Morning News.
Photos on the Corps of Engineers Shelter Photos Page were used with permission of the US Army Corps Of Engineers.
All artwork in the Art Gallery is now public domain government artwork.

All photos I have taken in this virtual museum, along with any text I have written on these pages, are property of the Civil Defense Museum and are not to be used without permission of the Civil Defense Museum.
Thank You
Eric Green

Eric Green has done a great job collecting Cold War Civil Defense artifacts that help explain this era. Visit to see what applied then and what still applies today. Here are the areas he covers on his online Civil Defense Museum..
Civil Defense Museum Site Index


Duck and Cover NDSU

This Duck and Cover exhibit a the North Dakota Statue University, as described below in their student newspaper (The Spectrum: For the Land and It’s People) has wisdom.The Spectrum FOR THE LAND AND ITS PEOPLE
NDSU’s library is revisiting a rocky historical period with its new Brittany Hofmann THE SPECTRUM If a nuke was launched, ducking and covering is still the suggested thing to do. 
The North Dakota State Library is taking us back in history to a time of fear, crisis and a desperate need for civil defense. After six months of planning by Susanne Caro, Jeremy Kopp, John Hallberg and Lindsay Condry, the “Duck and Cover” exhibit is up and ready for students to come and take a closer look at the procedures and artifacts from the Cold War. 
From archives to artifacts, the “Duck and Cover” exhibit features carefully researched pieces of history from right here in North Dakota. With the video game series “Fallout” by Bethesda coming out with another post-apocalyptic game, Susanne Caro, the government information librarian, hopes that that will encourage students to delve into the Cold War.
Caro said the most interesting component of this exhibit to her is the psychological component. “There was such a large effort to survive,” Caro said. “They had children hiding under desks, and really what was that going to do? Even in a time that seemed like we were doomed, there was so much positivity. The government was assuring that even if something happened, we would all be okay.”
Caro said she believes it is important for students to care about history, especially when it is pretty recent. “It is helpful to come see what has happened in the past,” she said. “We still have many concerns today with North Korea and nuclear threat. Many seem to have forgotten.”
After students come to see this exhibit Caro said she hopes they take away how to be prepared in case of emergency. “There might not be a large concern of being bombed, but other disasters are important to prepare for with having enough food and water.”
As Caro said, there is a benefit to looking into our history. She said history majors, political science majors and architecture majors would especially benefit from seeing this exhibit. With the importance of building the structures to keep people safe, looking into government planning and understanding the overall picture, these majors could really benefit from taking a look into the exhibit and discovering more about the past that shapes their future.
Caro also added that because this is recent history you can still stumble across information and artifacts from it. She said she is still researching more information due to her interest in the topic. Caro even recently discovered that St. Luke’s hospital here in North Dakota won an award for their fallout shelter.
Are you prepared? Do you want to learn more about the Cold War, including its impact in North Dakota? Head over to the NDSU Library and take a look.
My note: With the the Minot Air Force Base located in North Dakota, residents there had greater reason to take Civil Defense seriously....then and now.


Honoring Veterans at Arlington Cemetery with Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths Across America honors our fallen veterans and teaches children the value of freedom byArlington Cemetery.Interestingly enough, so many people had volunteered that the wreaths were already on the graves when we arrived.Says a great deal about how great the American people are.The weather was miserable. Heavy rains the entire time. Thick pea-soup fog. Boot sucking mud. Non-stop rplacing Christmas wreaths on veteran graves on December 15th each year.This year, my wife volunteered us to help at 
Yet, people were wonderful. No one complained. Everyone was kind and respectful.
We parked on the North side of the Pentagon with thousands of others and walked to the front gates of Arlington Cemetery.
Everyone was soaked. Everyone.
The security was buttoned down. As I had a VA Medical card I was able to bypass the long line waiting to go through the security tent at the entrance.
When we got through the front gate, we noticed all the grave sites already had Christmas wreaths.
We headed toward Section 8 where my uncles are buried and noticed that all the graves had Christmas wreaths as well.
As all the hard work had been done by good Americans before we got there at 9:30 a.m. when we were walking along all the graves had wreaths.
So, we headed to my Uncle Ray Curley's grave site as my wife Robin had never been to it.
I wish I could have visited the grave site of my Uncle Frank Curley, the oldest of my father's six brothers to serve, but his B-24 was shot down on February 10, 1945 off HaHa Jima.
Like many military families, Frank's example and untimely death led to the brothers who followed him to serve in the military.
Two of the six are buried at Arlington Cemetery.
It is an honor to visit their graves. I would have loved to put a wreath on it. But I am eternally, grateful to whoever it was who went before me and put a Christmas wreath on their graves for me.
"We didn't know them all but we owe them all" was written on the side of the one of  the sponsors trucks. I almost broke down and cried when I read that because the truth is so evident in a world where truth is so continuously under assault.
My Uncle Frank died in a watery grave in the South Pacific. As in so much death in war, it never had to happen. An incompetent, vain, Lieutenant Colonel gave horrible orders...but Frank and his crew followed them, to their death. I know this from the letter of the pilot of the B-24 behind him and the sole survivor of their B-24 being split in half by Imperial Japanese ack-ack.
It took me many years (35+)of research to find out the truth of his final mission.
But I found it. And I recorded it because he was not able to do so.
As happens to so many MIA's, I did not want Lt. Frank Curley to disappear from history. He and tens of thousands of MIA's deserve to be remembered, to have their story told, to have their sacrifices remembered, their contribution to the American reality set in stone.
(My wife noticed immediately that Ray's wife Lorraine was engraved on the back of his tomb stone. "He was a good man, an Air Force man!" I remember her saying over and over at his funeral. Ray was very humble, very quiet, great intel guy. Even at my Dad's funeral when I asked him what he did in Vietnam, he expertly deflected the question with: "How about those Phillies?!" More information on Ray Curley here.)
Although Lt. Frank Curley has no grave stone at Arlington, he has his life recorded as best I could recreated it from documents (Missing in Action Report, DD-214, letter from the pilot of the plane behind his that saw his B-24 hit and broken in half, reports from survivors).
My Uncle Billy Curley's grave site (Section 8, Grave 260-LH) is on a steep hill below two large oaks with a straight view of the U.S. Air Force.

The whole reason I wrote that blog post for over 35 years was to use Frank's story as an example for others who, though they have no ideas of what happened to their family member who was an MIA, might find resources on that blog post to help them in their search.
Once I thought I had it rough trying to trace Frank's MIA status and final mission.
Then I read "American Trophies How US POWs were Surrendered to North Korea, China and Russ by Washington's Cynical Attitude" by Mark Saulter and John Zemmerlee. Read it and weep.
Our pilots, technicians, etc. were valuable to the North Koreans, Chinese, and Russians at the time. All three communist nations fought to get as many as they could to advance their ruthless communist war machine.
My wife had never seen my Uncle John Curley's (USAF) grave site (64 6719), or that of my uncle Ray Curley, and we were able to visit both. 
We also visited the grave site of Lieutenant Commander Ronald J. Vauk, United States Navy, and CW 4 William R. Ruth, U.S. Army, both from my home town of Mt. Airy, MD who were killed in the Pentagon by Islamic jihadi's on September 11th, 2001. This is part of the Islamic jihadi 1400-year war chronicled by Raymond Ibrahim in the book Sword and Scimitaremorial

There are multiple ways to find a grave site at Arlington Cemetery.
Here are a few.
Arlington National Cemetery App Search:  ANC Explorer
Arlington National Cemetery Web Search: ANC Web Search
Also, there is a wider grave site search engine that includes Arlington Cemetery: National Cemetery Administration.


Hoaxed Crucifies the Fake News Narrative

It's as old as the Bible. What is truth? As when Pontius Pilate spoke to Christ before His Crucifixion.
"Pilate said, "So, then you are a king?"
"Jesus answered, "It is you who way that I am a king. I was born for this, I came into the world for this, to bear witness to the truth; and all who are on the side of truth listen to my voice."
"Truth? What is truth?!?    Pontius Pilate   John 18:37-38   33 A.D.
"Quid est veritas?!   The Media   2018 A.D.
Hoaxed - Everything they Told Us is a Lie
I attended the Washington, DC pre-party and movie screening of the documentary Hoaxed on December 6, 2018 that explores truth and it's opposite, lies, as the "media" delivers it everyday to our TV's, websites, cell phones, iPads, to our eyes and ears, hearts and heads..
While there, I enjoyed meeting Mike Cernovich, the producer of Hoaxed. Humble guy.
Just remarkable on so many levels and in so many ways.
It makes the case that the corporate media has been lying to us for decades...and worse, getting away with their lies. And more worse, people have died and continue to die due to their lies.
More importantly, it presents proof...turning the tables in interview after interview to show how they lie and to what end.
When I was in the USAF I was taught that war was the rational application of violence to succeed toward a predetermined end.
When I watched Hoaxed I came away with the knowledge that the corporate media has been rationally and irrationally applying lies to succeed toward a predetermined end. That predetermined end is the lies they present as truth as they present it, convey it, create it, support it, and maintain it.
But Hoaxed, and other trends, have gone beyond old media and are creating alternative.
I cut the cable cord three years ago and get basic antenna TV.
Most TV bores me.
But there is wonderful alternative news out there providing creative, critical thinking, content.
For example, I watch Mike Closer on TheBestCloser show via the Periscope app on my cell phone in the morning and the evening.

He amalgamates content from hundreds of websites, YouTube videos, TV shows, guests and viewers.
The show is completely interactive with viewers contributing much of the content.
It is real, authenticated news because he actually verifies his sources, stories, and guests.
Contrast that to the 60 Minutes interview that Mike Cernovich has in Hoaxed with pervy Scott Pelly who just drips with disdain, anger, evil, and deceit. Everything about Scott is smarmy...the way he tastes his eye glasses during the interview, the affectations and phony voice tonality, the "gotcha" after "gotcha" questions, the slimy defense of obvious false narratives about Hilary Clinton...
As evidence of the change, a month after that interview 60 Minutes got 3 million Twitter impressions. Mike Cernovich got 83 million. Who do you think is winning the future of who controls the news?

More Links of those interviewed in Hoaxed. All are worth looking up.
"All Media is Narrative. And We Are in a War of Narratives" Mike Cernovich
"The Media is Designed Not to Inform You But to Keep You Uninformed"
"Everything Flows from the Media" James O'Keefe
"This is political warfare" Alex Jones
"They (The Media) Want Control of the Narrative" Lauren Southern
"We Are Told by the Media What the World Is" Stefan Molyneux
"They Are Much More Interested in Finding Villains" James Damore
"They Want Power and They Want You to Go Away" Gavin Mcinnes
"We are Not OK with You Lying to People and Misleading Them"   Tom Poole
 "Falsehoods have consequences. That's what makes them falsehoods."   Jordan Peterson
"One thing that is interesting is to have someone like Mike making a documentary about fake news is that it's owning the term that has been directed at him."   Ryan Holiday
"Until it happens to you, you can't really understand how powerful the fake news is."  Scott Adams"
"They plant these ideas in your head."
"People who have been printed in the media a lot can start to identify who is fake news."  Cassie Jaye
"I've been lied about repeatedly. My friends have been lied about. I don't have to frame them. I just have to talk about what they've done." Mike Cernovich

I think the media will gin up controversy to create an environment of discontent."   Anthony Scaramucci
"There are people on both sides who just want us to go to war."

For context, see Stefan Molyneux's interview with Mike after the smarmy Scott Pelly 60 Minutes interview here.
And read Who is Mike Cernovich here.


EF-1 Tornado Lessons from Mt Airy MD

On November 2, 2018 an EF-1 Tornado touched down in my hometown of Mt. Airy, MD. EF-1 is the lowest level on the EF-1 to EF-5 National Weather Service scale. I learned that even an EF-1 can cause serious damage.
(For an analysis of an EF-5 in Joplin, MO, see here.)
There was no warning from the National Weather Service, on TV, or from local media. It just struck.
The NWS website here shows the early path of the tornado.

Miraculously, there were no deaths caused by it.
Here is an incomplete summary of the damage from the National Weather Service:
  • Canopy at High's store was partly torn off
  • TJ Maxx roof was lifted up and partly removed
  • Trees down behind the Twin Arch Shopping Center near the water tower
  • Silo destroyed and roofs partly blown off outbuildings at Knill's Farm Market
  • Power poles snapped on Watersville Road (meriting the 100 mph wind estimate)
  • Five pine trees snapped at a residence on Watersville Road
  • Minor structural damage at several homes on Arrowood Circle
  • Multiple hardwood trees snapped in the 6000 block of Runkles Road
  • Trees uprooted east of Runkles Road on Gillis Falls Road
For local media accounts of the tornado after it happened, see:
Fox News
Carroll County Times
Patch Westminster
Carroll County Times
Baltimore Sun

Lessons Learned Due the Tornado

1.  The Media Only Reports Part of the Story
The Media concentrated on the damage to the stores while the greater damage was to the Knills Farm right behind the stores, the Nottingham development, and the double telephone lines on Watersville Road. There was extensive damage to a large dog kennel and numerous houses around Runkles Road. This and other damage was never
reported. Most got their story filed that night and moved on.
2.  Dishonest Contractors will Always Show up Post Disaster.
As Many have not experienced a devastating natural disaster before, they can be taken advantage of by dishonest contractors.
The day after the tornado, multiple tree service, debris removal and home repair contractors showed up to offer their services. Most were insured, bonded and Licensed . Others were not. So, we had to issue the following WARNING on the Town of Mt. Airy and other websites.
WARNING: Unfortunately, some dishonest tree removal, roof and building repair, and other kinds of contractors show up after any natural disaster. They offer services but disappear once paid without doing their job. Always check that any contractor you consider is licensed, bonded, and insured. Only pay them when the work is completed.
3. Your Insurance Only Covers Part of the Cost
This is just a fact of life. There are all kinds of exclusions in your policy. You never realize they are there until you try to make a claim.
What is extraordinary about Mt. Airy is that the Mayor and citizens immediately organized to help those most hurt financially by the tornado, and especially those without insurance.
4. Drones are the Future of Planning for and Recovering from Natural and Man-Made Disasters.
George Varros, owner of Mount Airy Drone Photography, has an innovative drone company located 401 Center Street, # 206 Mt. Airy, MD 21771 800 359 4464. Our good fortune. He flew his drone over the damaged area the day after the tornado and again on 11/8/2018. He took the aerial drone views you see here.
As you can see from the aerial photos of the path of the tornado here this is a new technology that will have a huge impact on damage assessment, emergency management planning, civil defense strategic planning insurance claim validation, children's education, and for other uses we cannot even imagine right now.
I helped write the Town of Mount Airy Emergency Management Plan. It would have been useful to have had this technology when we did so.
5.  Have a Damage Survey Form Template Ready
Filling out a damage survey, such as the Carroll County Emergency Management Damage Survey Form is critical to establishing the facts about the financial damage caused by the tornado. Here is a simple Damage Survey Form that can be a template for others to use for other natural and man-made disasters.
6.  Human Ties are Critical to Successful Disaster Response and Recovery
Every successful response to and recovery from a disaster I've seen depends on people who love and care for each other taking action. Rather than explain, I offer this post for the Town of Mt Airy website that demonstrates this.
Knill’s Farm Update-
"Respecting the Knill family privacy I feel comfortable stating Mr. Knill, the patriarch of the family, is very touched by the community outreach of offers of support. They are accessing their current needs and will let us know in the future what help if any is needed. As a proud farming family and very self sufficient they have already opened up road access and performed other immediate services. Mr. Knill, a pillar of our community, states he has never seen a storm of this magnitude is his 78 years living here in Mount Airy. We will continue to communicate and look to Mr. Knill for guidance on what needs may arise. God Bless the Knill family and Mount Airy."
From the Town of Mt Airy website: Image of the Nov 2 Tornado Path as surveyed by our Town Engineer, Barney Quinn and Asst Town Engineer, Chaslyn Derexson. Red circles indicate where severe damage was observed (likely some locations were missed).
7. Good Government Governance and Communication Tools are Critical
The Town of Mt. Airy and Carroll County are both blessed with good governance.
Good governance results in a good response to a bad natural event, as here.
For example, the Town of Mount Airy and Carroll County have excellent communication tools. For example, this Storm Damage Information Sought from Businesses and Residents was created and distributed several days after the tornado. That's fast. As importantly, it has a link to an on-line Damage Survey Form to it has an excellent data collection feedback loop.
The Mayor of Mount Airy acted as the hub of the wheel coordinating the response:
Dispatched the guys from the Department of Public Works in minutes after the storm to cut up the trees in the roadways so people could drive the roads.
Coordinated with the Carroll County Emergency Management Office to bring in extra fire, police and emergency medical technicians.
For life to return to normal, tree and vegetation removal is essential after every natural disaster. Below are examples (Carroll County notice) about how it is done.
8.  Neighbors Must Help Neighbors
At church the Sunday after the tornado I heard a table of elderly people talking about it. One mentioned that he went to his elderly neighbor the night it happened and bailed out the water in her basement as the sump pump had not electricity. Then he gathered his three sons, gave them each a chain saw, and together they cut up the many trees that had fallen on her long farm road driveway so she could get to the grocery store.
There were so many acts of kindness like this that I cannot mention them all.
But the central truth of these acts of charity hold: neighbors must help neighbors.
he Town of Mt Airy had already set up a Disaster Relief Fund and the town website encouraged those who needed direct assistance to apply. "  There is an application process. Call Ellie Bonde at 301-829-8300 Blossom and Basket Boutique.   Only money is distributed. Email address:  mtdisaster@gmail.com." The Disaster Relief Application Form is below.
What Must be Done
As with all natural disaster planning, the fundamentals must be repeated.
1. Learn IN ADVANCE what you must do to prepare to save yourself, your family, your pets, and your neighbors when disaster strikes.
2. Stockpile, within reason, items you will need to survive (water, food, medical, electronic, etc.).
3. Exercise for an event. Make if fun with children. This is vital. You will discover holes in your plan, supplies, contacts, etc. you will need to fill.
They Mayor's Report November 2018
The November 2018 Mayor's Report includes an excellent and brief analysis of what happened during and after the Mt. Airy tornado.
Remember...no one died. Some of that was Providence in that no trees fell on anyone. Still, after a tornado there is always the possibility of death or accidents. Here you will read of the professional actions of the police, fire service, utility companies, and various government officials who ensured that streets were closed, live wires were moved, and trees removed without anyone getting hurt.
The letter below is a blue print for how to react calmly, professionally and cooperatively as a well oiled machine to prevent the loss of life and damage to property during and after a natural disaster.
Team Mount Airy - Tornado Response
On Friday evening, November 2, 2018, the town was hit by a tornado with winds up to 90 miles plus per hour. This resulted in extensive damage to commercial structures, homes, and utility services. The Town’s role was mainly one of support and coordination, ensuring those unfamiliar with the community kept vital access routes to communities open by providing emergency services and equipment throughout the event. Follow-up efforts will continue throughout the week as well as updates on storm recovery operations. Twin Arch Road was fully opened today.

We need to thank many others, that worked behind the scenes but whose roles were just as important as those who were more visible during the emergency. Thanks firstly to our residents that showed amazing resiliency and humanity to each other.  Together you chipped in to restore normalcy, provide housing, essential services, worked to clear roads and open access to private homes, etc. as needed.  Many thanks to your Town Council members Peter Helt, Larry Hushour, Bob King, Jason Poirier and Patty Washabaugh who all chipped in manning Town Hall as an Emergency Shelter, providing much needed refreshments with a warm greeting to our utility crews and first responders. 
We know that those actions go a long way. We also had chainsaw wielding Councilmembers, YES, they were out there with chainsaws too. Our amazing town staff that worked behind the scenes mostly, using large equipment to clear roads, keeping emergency generators running to ensure you received uninterrupted water and sewer services. 
At one point, they hand cut through the debris and using an ATV brought in emergency fuel to ensure essential water and sewer services were not interrupted. Thanks to the many commercial businesses that offered services and food to our first responders at no cost, such as Vocelli’s Pizza, Wings of Angel’s Chicken, Upper Deck, and Wagner’s Meat Locker.  Many other businesses did not have power but have a long history of sending food in for first responders who don’t have the luxury of taking a break.
We were also fortunate and appreciative of assistance received from our State and County agencies.  Special Secretary Wendi Peters from the Governor’s office checked in, it’s comforting to know our State Representatives and Governor have Mount Airy’s best interest in mind. 
Other agencies who were a critical part of the emergency response effort include the Carroll County Emergency Response Unit who set up the command center, Maryland Emergency Management Agency, first responders from neighboring local Fire Companies, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Maryland State Police and the Carroll County Roads Operations crew.
Again, thanks to the Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company (MAVFC) and Chief Kenny Stull who were all out there in the rain Friday night securing our commercial areas that were literally torn apart. Life safety measures, getting gas lines, etc. secured was the priority and we are grateful for their swift and capable emergency response measures. Thank you to Chief Reitz and Lieutenant Snyder who along with other MAPD Officers assisted in various roles throughout the event. No major injuries were noted.
Team Mount Airy, Working Together, Weathered a Tornado!! Thank you all!

To View a video of the damage to an access road to one of the Mt. Airy water towers, click:
Tornado Damage Video. This was one of the hardest hit areas. The road by Knill’s Farm and to our waste water treatment plant directly behind Home Goods. We came very close to catastrophic essential facility damage. Please forgive my amateur video skills and note the large trees snapped like tooth pics. It was more horrific in person.

Bonus Tip: If you read this far, know that the inventor of the computer is buried in Mt. Airy MD in the back of the Pine Grove Chapel at 787 Main Street. Here are photos of his gravestone. For more information, see here, and here, and here.