The purpose of Poetslife is to promote the art of American Tactical Civil Defense for families and small businesses. and to contribute practical American civil defense preparedness guidance for all Americans through my articles in the The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA) Journal of Civil Defense and leadership as the volunteer vice president of TACDA.


Air National Guard Martinsburg WV

Among the many wonders of Martinsburg, WV is the massive Air National Guard planes that pass over my house on their way to the Shephard Field, home of the 167th Air National Guard

See here for videos.

There is also the Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport Authority and the MRB Charter Air rentals.

Nearby is the John D. Rockefeller IV Science and Technology Park, North and South. 

Maybe an American company can purchase this land before the Communist Chinese Party buys it. 

Think that cannot happen?

It already has in Texas.

"A windmill project near Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio whose owner is a former member of the Chinese army now has raised the red flag to stop foreign adversaries from buying land near our military bases."

I finally had a chance to visit Shepard Field and take a few photos.



National Preparedness Program, Civil Defense, FEMA 1984

The United States once took national preparedness programs, also called civil defense, seriously.

The publications list from the link above from the Online Books page by the United States Office of Civil Defense shows proof.

Here is further proof. This is an article I wrote called "Capital Hill: How FEMA Works With/Battles/Is Guided by Congress" for Hazard Monthly in June of 1984. 

It describes multiple civil defense programs that were still  active in the United States in 1984, such as:

  • National Preparedness Program, Civil Defense
  • National Preparedness Programs, Defense Production Act
  • National Preparedness Programs, Stockpile (Policy and Disposal)
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Authorization (Radiological Emergency Preparedness)
Just because the government of the United States has abandoned planning and preparing for disasters via civil defense, you cannot do the same.

Civil defense is as old as the Bible.

In fact, the best civil defense planning and preparedness knowledge is found in the Bible.

BIBLE = Best Information Before Leaving Earth.

Our enemies all have excellent civil defense programs. Neutral Switzerland has the best one.

Again, even if the federal government whose primary reason to exist is to keep us prepared and protected is not doing so in the area of civil defense, that is even more reason for you to do so.

We all leave this earth one day, yes, but while here we have a holy obligation and sacred duty to protect our families, friends, neighborhoods, states, and country.

Civil defense is one of many ways to do that. Please join me in that holy and vital task.

One way is to get to go to the American Civil Defense Association (TACDA.ORG) and educate yourself about civil defense for the past 60 years in the United States.

We are a charity and basic memberships to TACDA are free.

I have been a volunteer on the board of directors and vice president for 15 years. In that role, I have written over a dozen civil defense articles in our Journal of Civil Defense to help American families prepare and survive.

For two months I uploaded decades of issues of the Journal to the TACDA website. You will find, if you read them, that the same issues occur over and over. My most recent article is Children and Civil Defense.

For over two decades, I have written this poetslife civil defense blog. Like TACDA, it is also aimed at educating American families for how to prepare for and survive using civil defense skills.

To keep it fun, I include other entertainment, tech news, poetry, and travel and exploration posts.

I started this blog to help my family and to help other Americans find out about their MIA loved ones when the government was not helpful. But the core mission evolved into civil defense. (I think my Uncle Frank may have had something to do with that.) I assure you whatever time you spend learning civil defense will give you a better life and save your life, your children's, and your grand children's.

So, ultimately, civil defense is about loving your family, friends, neighbors and country and doing the work necessary to keep them safe.

The scale of the threat has increased over the years, as here, but our effort to meet the threat through widespread civil defense education has fallen behind.

The cyber threat from the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) is one of many fronts they are using to take down the United States. It is a civil defense threat that could be met through widespread civil defense education. The CCP "unrestricted warfare" doctrine is real. They advance it daily while the West is preoccupied with nonsense.

We know the challenge and the solution.

The question is whether we have the will to meet the threat to ensure the freedom of our loved ones, now and the future.


Berkeley County History Photo Walkabout and Raven Rock

Berkley County West Virginia is an area rich in American history.

Here are just a few descriptions of that rich history.

These photos are from the For the Kids, by George (Washington) Museum and the Berkeley Country Visitor's Center in the Belle Boyd House.