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Civil Defense Lessons of Wuhan Coronavirus Pandemic

(First, Dr. Sasha Hu, Chinese doctor, has a good video about how to mitigate flu infection, here.)
The biggest lesson is that the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) secrecy, deception and food health policies led to the Chinese Wuhan flu and to its worldwide spread. 

EVERYTHING with the CCP involves propaganda. The Jamestown Foundation does a great job of breaking down their skulduggery here
It has led to monumental unintended consequences. I list a few below.
Here is a good Wuhan Virus infographic for background.
As several times before, the CCP sought to hide the latest Chinese Coronovirus. Their secrecy and deception have led to unnecessary illness for thousands and deaths for hundreds...and it is only beginning. See here
Chinese Factories will Reopen Slowly due to Worker Blacklisting
"Last week, the government of Suzhou, a major manufacturing hub in Jiangsu province, which is known for its silk products, asked local communities to tell workers from Hubei and Zhejiang provinces not to return until further notice. This employee “blacklisting” was echoed by other cities, including Wuxi in the south of Jiangsu, which banned migrant workers from at least seven provinces."  Source
Read about CCP lying, deception and secrecy here:
Global Economic Impact
Indeed, the battle to contain the epidemic brought much of the world's "second-largest economy to a standstill. The Chinese provinces most affected by the coronavirus are home to 49,884 branches or subsidiaries of foreign corporations, including nearly 9,500 American operations, according to Dun & Bradstreet." Source
Alternative Social Media Provides the Truth the CPP Hides
Citizen journalists, independent bloggers and Vloggers, Twitter and Instgram posters, are all providing independent observations of what is going on in China under the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic. Here are just a few.
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CCP Made Doctor Who Discovered Wuhan Coronivirus Sign Secrecy Form - He Died
Li Wenliang, HERO, Photo via CNN
"However, Li, along with seven other doctors who shared information about the outbreak, was summoned to the local police and forced to sign a letter promising to make no further disclosures concerning the disease".
Li Wenliang, one of the eight doctors who tried to alert authorities about the coronavirus when it was first emerging in Wuhan only to be reprimanded by local police, has died, Chinese media reported.
Li, 34, an ophthalmologist at the Wuhan Central Hospital, was found to be infected with coronavirus on Saturday and died on Thursday.
The same day that the doctor shared the messages, local health authorities announced that the city had confirmed 27 cases of a new type of virus, most of them linked to a seafood market.
However, Li, along with seven other doctors who shared information about the outbreak, was summoned to the local police and forced to sign a letter promising to make no further disclosures concerning the disease.What a great doctor. Source
American Company Blasts Live Coronovaris Dead
Coronavirus can live on planes for 28 days. Here is a remarkable American company that has a machine that can go down airplane aisles and destroy the virus. Remarkable. Source
Largest Socialized Medicine System in the World Fails Horribly
The communist medical system in China did not have nearly enough hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, medical supplies, diagnostic equipment, medicine, personal protective equipment, or anything near adequate resources to handle this epidemic.
All the communist lies about the high standard of living in contemporary China are exposed.
The building of the three field hospitals in Wuhan to address this inadequacy provides as much of a solution as the Potemkin Villages in the Soviet Union did for starvation.
Even if the CCP had not lied and tried to hide the extent of the epidemic, the third-world state of their medical system would have meant that the disease would have spread anyway.
The CCP emphasis on building the three field hospitals to handle the crisis defies reality.
Why their military was not able to stand up numerous fully operational, manned and equipped field hospitals as our military can indicates how inadequate their military is as well.
See story here.
"Many people from Hubei who tried to get into Hong Kong (for better health care) have been stopped at the border, have stayed in Shenzhen, and this may trigger Shenzhen’s infection cases to skyrocket to the point where people are ordered to stay home" Source.
American Private Sector Helps Chinese Citizens
We’ve also facilitated the delivery of vast amounts of medical supplies to the Chinese people. Just last week, the State Department helped transport 17.8 tons of relief supplies to Hubei. And more assistance will continue to be offered — the United States is prepared to spend up to $100 million in existing State and U.S. Agency for International Development funds to assist China and other impacted countries to contain and combat the virus.
"While [U.S. Department of] State managed the logistics, the donations themselves were provided by Samaritan’s Purse, Boeing, Intermountain Healthcare and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and coordinated by a nongovernmental organization called Project HOPE. Time and again, when diseases and disasters strike, the American people have stepped up to help citizens of other countries without being asked. Our robust charitable giving and enthusiastic civil society groups are channeling the American people’s concern for their fellow man."  Source
Without a Cure There is only Guessing
One of the greatest problems with a new coronavirus such as the Wuhan one is that no doctor, scientist or government bureaucrat knows what it is at first. So they guess as to cause and transmission. Source
CCP Refuses CDC Expertise
Further proof of CCP secrecy and totalitarian bad planning is that President Trump has repeatedly offered the expertise of the U.S. Center for Disease Control but the CCP refuses it. Like any totalitarian government, they would rather their people die than accept help. Source.
CPP Culture of Coverup
Revelations from doctors, whistle blowers, and government officials demonstrate that a culture of cover-up and deceit within the Chinese Communist Party’s bureaucracy contributed to the disease’s spread.
In order to avoid political blame, authorities didn’t disclose to Chinese citizens details about the disease nor the true scale of the outbreak. Information about the first infected patients in the disease epicenter Wuhan was omitted, while authorities restricted testing of the disease, thus effectively capping the number of people who could be diagnosed.
As a result, many Chinese were unaware of the perils until it was too late. Source
Chinese Military Runs 1,000 Bed Hospitals - No Transparency
Chinese military now operates the mega-hospitals built in Wuhan. Result? Secrecy, data manipulation, patients being held in prison-like cells. Yet, China as a member of the World Heath Organization has agreed to provide data and transparency, something the Chinese People's Army has never been known to exhibit. Source
Alternative Media Offers Truthful News
For example: https://pandemic.warroom.org/ offers Dr. Steven A. Hatfill's decades of experience and pandemic expertise in this area.
PeriscopeTV is another good one to search. I went to a number of scopes in China and Hong Kong to learn about this pandemic. For example, Steve King Live on Hong Kong Radio RTHK Radio 3, besides offering great music, has frequent news breaks that are honest.The CCP is delusional in this digital age when it thinks it can prevent its citizens from getting news from alternative sources.
Unintended Consequences

I am learning many, many lessons from this outbreak. Here are a few:

Private Companies are Saving Chinese People Where CCP has Failed
"Ironically, while the Chinese military has been behind in its mobilization, the private sector has stepped in to fill the void. In the face of medical supply and health services gaps, there are numerous examples circulating of individuals donating relief supplies or helping those in need. E-commerce giant Alibaba established a 1 billion RMB ($144 million USD) special fund to directly purchase medical supplies from home and abroad and send them to hospitals in Wuhan and Hubei on a regular basis. It also created detailed plans for mobilizing domestic production capacity and coordinating production and procurement of medical supplies, while also provided hundreds of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at two hospitals in Wuhan, free of charge." Source
Medical Specialists Hit Hardest
Those who help and treat those infected pick up the infection. Source
People's Army may be a Paper Tiger
The CCP People's Army has been tasked with using it's long logistics empire to mitigate the Chinese coronavirus outbreak. They have failed.Source

CCP AI and Facial Monitoring Fails Due to Face Masks
The CCP's massive AI and facial recognition program that depends on camera's has failed due to the face masks everyone is wearing that cover the face. Source
"U.S. Chinese-Dependent Companies take Huge Revenue Hit
The majority of US firms with operations in China expect a virus outbreak to cut revenue this year, and some are accelerating plans to shift their supply chains out of the country, according to a poll by Shanghai’s American Chamber of Commerce.
Nearly a quarter of the firms forecast revenue would fall by at least 16 per cent this year due to the outbreak, while over a fifth said it would decline by 11-15 per cent. Only 13 per cent of respondents said revenue would see very little or no impact from the virus" Source.
USPS Suspends Mail for China
Due to no flights going to China, USPS suspends mail service to China, Hong Kong, Macau. Source.
CCP Welding Apartment Residents Inside
Because of confirmed #Coronavirus infection inside the apartment, residents doors are being welded shut. Source
Panic Buying
Unfortunately, panic buying is to be expected in any disaster. Just look at each hurricane that hits the U.S., and that is predictable. This coronavirus pandemic is not predictable in advance. So, as this this story about Hong Kong, human nature is to panic and buy items they are afraid will be in short supply. The lack of information from the Chinese authorities exacerbates it, and it spirals out of control. So it goes. Source.
Interrupted School Attendance and Exam Taking
"Portions of Hong Kong’s university entrance exam along with the Primary Six exam for secondary school placements could be pushed back by a much as a month or cancelled entirely as the spread of the coronavirus continues, the education minister announced on Thursday.
Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung also said that a scheduled reopening of schools on March 2 would need to be reviewed closer to the date." Source
Global Supply Chain with China will Radically Change
Now that the global supply chain that has been dependent on China for 30 yeas is being shattered, risk adverse companies will withdraw from the mainland and relocate elsewhere. It was a trend that was already beginning. Now, it will accelerate. See here.
Impact on Logistics and Manufacturing
There are far more questions (Will Chinese workers return to work? What are the disruptions to logistics?) to answer. The only thing everyone agrees on is that no one trusts the data coming our of Beijing. More details here and hereAnd here.
Church Drops Handshake, Changes in Mass Due to Wuhan Pandemic here.

And factory workers cannot return as inventory is depleted. Source
Just in Time Logistics May be Overt
Closed factories in China are negatively impacting the global supply chain and creating questions about the future of just in time logistics. Source
Impact on Small Manufactures and Businesses
Due to their size and limited ability to survive even a limited lack of revenue, the greatest impact of the  Chinese coronavirus may be small manufacturers and businesses. Source and here.

Airline Flight Cancellations
One of the most critical infrastructure pillars of modern life is unimpeded airline travel. People and goods are transferred around the world via air travel. The China coronavirius led many nations and airline companies to cancel all flights to and from China. Source.

Cathay Airlines Asks 27,000 Employees to Take Unpaid Leave
Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific is asking all of its 27,000 employees to take three weeks of unpaid leave over the coming months as Hong Kong’s flagship carrier reels from the impact of the deadly coronavirus on air travel. Source
CCP and Taiwan Division Widens
Due to the policy of the CCP isolating Taiwan on all fronts, Taiwan is not even allowed to belong to the World Health Organization. Result? Taiwan is frozen out of getting the critical coronavirus data from the WHO. Source
Online Shopping Mitigates Store Closures and Stock Impact
Apple Corporation has an interesting statement after they closed their stores in China.
"Apple is following the trend of McDonald's, Starbucks, and other US companies that have retail stores/footprints within China," Daniel Ives, the managing director of equity research at Wedbush Securities, said.
Ives noted that consumer purchases of iPhones and Apple products in the region have "already taken place in the lead up to the start of the Chinese New Year," and that Apple had strong sales for December and January as well as strong year-over-year sales.
With the vast majority of sales happening online, "we view a one week closure of Apple stores as having a negligible impact thus far despite the scary and concerning headlines from the region," Ives added.
"While the coronavirus outbreak is a sad situation and concerning headline for investors, for the stock we believe the fundamental impact from this issue to Apple’s top-line is negligible," he wrote." Source.
Authorities Cannot Control the Entire Message in Pandemics
Worldwide, people have had varying reactions to the Chinese coronavirus, from seeking more information to panic. It demonstrates that with billions of people using social media daily, even the CCP with its remarkable worldwide power and influence, especially over social media, cannot control the message. See here
Cruise Ships are a Clear and Present Contagion Danger
Most of the analysis of the spread of pandemic viruses focus on how rapidly a virus can spread due to modern commercial airline travel. Far less attention is given to the same threat from cruise ships. Yet, with thousands of passengers, effectively cruise ships are modern floating cities. One example of this threat is detailed here. 
Global Airline Cancellations: American Airlines, British Airways, Lion Air, and Seoul Air are suspending all flights to China with Air Canada with select flights. Royal Caribbean and Carnival cancelled cruises in China. Patients in Wuhan spitting on doctors to purposely infect them (the ultimate unintended consequence).https://nypost.com/video/sick-wuhan-man-purposely-coughs-on-hospital-staff-amid-chinas-coronavirus-scare/
Tracking Wristbands for Potential Carriers
Hong Kong has put tracking wristbands on potential coronavirus carriers from Hubei.
Rumors Cause Death of Pets
Grim images show cats and dogs who were reportedly thrown from tower blocks in China after a rumor circulated claiming that the animals spread the coronavirus. Full Story here. One dog was found dead after allegedly being thrown from a tower block in the Heyuan Guohe Garden area of Tianjin City in China’s Hebei Province.
Parents Abandon Children at Airport
Shocking pictures have emerged in China showing two children reportedly abandoned by their parents over fears that they had the deadly coronavirus. The couple left their young son and daughter behind at Nanjing Airport in the eastern province of Jiangsu after they were stopped from boarding the plane because the boy had a fever.
7,000 Cruise Ship Passengers Quarantined
Two passengers on a cruise ship are feared to have caught coronavirus, leaving 7,000 passengers and crew trapped onboard. The Italian cruise ship Costa Smeralda is being held at Civitavecchia close to Rome while tests are carried out on a Chinese couple with fever. More here.
Drones Spraying Disinfectant
China has deployed an army of drones to disperse disinfectant over villages and cities in the latest attempt to combat the spread of coronavirus. Not sure how effective this will be, but it is proof of my idea that drones will be useful, and increasingly used, to cope for natural and man made disasters. Here is where I asserted this after the Mount Airy tornado. See here.
When Citizens Disobey Official Edicts
Rumors Cause Death of Pets
Grim images show cats and dogs who were reportedly thrown from tower blocks in China after a rumor circulated claiming that the animals spread the coronavirus. Full Story here. One dog was found dead after allegedly being thrown from a tower block in the Heyuan Guohe Garden area of Tianjin City in China’s Hebei Province.
When Citizens Disobey Official Edicts
A woman was dragged out of a supermarket and pinned to the ground after allegedly refusing to wear a mask as China deals with the coronavirus outbreak. Footage dated January 29 shows the shopper, identified only by her surname Qiu, resisting two uniformed officers as they eject her from an aisle of the Space supermarket in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Story here.
The CCP must close all live wildlife Chinese food markets for the good of humanity.
Parable: Impact of the CCP Total Control on Relief:  The CCP has always been corrupt, power mad, and controls every aspect of life...even donations from foreigners. Americans in New York sent face masks that are in short supply to China via the Red Cross. Here's what happened. The Red Cross in communist China, like the Catholic Church, is owned by the CCP. So...they seized the American donated face masks, demanded money for forwarding them,  and are selling them for a profit. https://twitter.com/i/status/1222914595985219589
Additional Resources
Here are some of my past CBRNe (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) presentations that may be useful for this event. The detection and mitigation matrix at the end may be especially helpful.


Social Media as a Valuable Tool for Emergency Management

The Provident Prepper just published my article about social media as a valuable tool for emergency management. They also created a YouTube video with the main concepts. They did an outstanding job with both. 

Both have great information for you and your family that can save your or a family members life. But you must ACT NOW to identify, download, and use these apps. Details below.


Flu Infection: Three Seconds Until Midnight Review

Dr. Steven A. Hatfill,  specialist physician, virologiist, bio-defense researcher, working in a Level 4 lab, is who you want to follow to understand the current Wuhan flu. Here is his website from which I draw this material
  • Although viruses are indeed a definite biological entity that can both replicate and change with time, a virus is considered to be “alive”.
  • A virus of any type is simply a very small assembly of complicated molecules that include proteins, RNA molecules (or DNA molecules in some viruses), and sometimes fat and sugar molecules.
  • Although these biological molecules are highly organized, a virus is incapable of any form of energy production or biochemical metabolism.
  • A virus is simply an inert collection of chemicals until it penetrates and enters into a living cell of its host.
  • Influenza is actually a viral infection of birds.  Studies have shown that approximately one out of four wild birds are infected with some strain of the Influenza virus.
  • Instead of affecting the upper airway, the virus infects the intestines of the birds.
  • Usually the Influenza virus does not harm the birds but it is shed into the environment though bird droppings.
  • Individuals who have been infected with the Influenza virus are infectious to others for a day before they show any symptoms at all through the respiratory droplets they generate while speaking, coughing, and sneezing.
  • Their hands are also contaminated by the respiratory droplets they generate, and any surface that they touch can be contaminated by the virus for several hours.
  • An infected individual is considered infectious for at least four-days after they begin to show symptoms. Children may remain infectious to others for another several days after they recover from an Influenza infection.
  • An infected individual will contaminate all the objects and surfaces around them.
  • Scientists knew that Influenza was contagious and that limiting social contact with other people could reduce their chances of becoming infected with Influenza.
  • Today these measures are called Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions or NPI.
[I have always done research on the "Spanish Flu." due to what my grandmother Margaret Sweeney Watson told me growing up. She was a very even tempered person, and the only time I saw her upset was when she spoke of the effect of the Spanish Flu in Germantown, Philadelphia when she was young. For several weeks in 1918, horse drawn wooden carts would arrive daily to pick up the dead. Looking back, I realize she was traumatized by seeing this as a young girl. Here is a good description of the Spanish Flu's impact on Philadelphia's citizens.]
  • Frequently wash hands using soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands unless you wash them first.
  • Routine surface cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and objects like tables, door knobs, desks, cell phones, and computer keyboards.
  • The goal is to slow down the rate of influenza transmission so that hospitals can manage the number of patients that are being admitted for care.
  • Traditionally this has been the closure of all public gatherings including schools, movie theaters, church services, bars, restaurants, and the like.
  • However, in a heavily urbanized area where people are dependent on mass transit to travel to work, these closures will not be fully effective.
  • The Influenza virus can survive up to 3-days when at high concentrations in the presence of respiratory mucus and kept out of the ultraviolet rays of sunlight.
  • The hands must be sanitized immediately after handling money.
  • Banknotes may well be a significant factor in Influenza transmission, but our research indicates that no federal agency has yet addressed this concern.

  • If My Hands are Contaminated, Can Scratching My Nose or Rubbing My Eyes Cause Me to Be Infected?

    In a Severe Lethal Influenza Pandemic, Will the Government Tell Me the Truth What is Happening?
    • Based on past history, it cannot be guaranteed that the US Government will tell its citizens the truth about the severity of an Influenza Pandemic.

    • Dr. Steven Hatfill Biography

    • Dr. Steven Hatfill is a specialist physician and a virologist with a military background and separate master’s degrees in microbial genetics, radiation biochemistry, and experimental pathology. In 1986, he overwintered in Antarctica as a member of the 27th SANAE Antarctic Expedition. In 1992, he demonstrated that the drug Thalidomide exerted a major effect in Leukemia cell cultures. Analogues of this drug are now a mainstay treatment for pre-leukemia and Multiple Myeloma. 

      Dr Hatfill’s medical fellowships include Oxford University, the NIH in Bethesda, and the NRC where he studied the Ebola Virus at the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick. His background includes training and certification as a UN Weapons Inspector. Since 2005, he has been involved in the directed training of both civilians and the military, in the medical response to mass casualties from blast and ballistic injury.

      In 2015, he trained and helped to establish the Rapid Hemorrhagic Fever Response Team for the National Disaster Management Unit in Kenya, Africa. He has numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications. In 2018, he was awarded Honorary U.S. Army Parachute Wings with Bronze Star, in an exchange ceremony with the U.S. Army 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne). He is a National Fellow of the Explorers Club, a board member of several non-profit medical organizations and is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in two departments at a leading US Medical School.

      While listening to the Steve Bannon War Room show, I heard him talking about the Wuhan Flu with Dr. Steven A. Hatfill.
An alarm went off in my mind and soul.
I knew that name well.
When I worked on anthrax mitigation in 2003, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) went after him with a vengeance. They accused him of being responsible for sending anthrax in envelopes through he mail where it was released in postal facilities and killed people.
That was a total lie on the FBI's part. As today, they were so powerful they did not have to be truthful or accurate in their persecutions.
And as today, they leaked to and used the mainstream media (New York Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc) as a force multiplier to go after him.
Here is the whole sordid tale of FBI, DOJ and main stream media persecution of this great man.


Keep Combat Application Tourniquets (CAT) Nearby

One of the most overlooked items for use in civil defense is the tourniquet.
Unfortunately, I've heard many say, "I'll just use a belt." Not good.
Patients often bleed out from just using a belt.
Instead, buy several CATs (Combat Application Tourniquet's).
The CAT is a life saving tool that has been proven in combat. You can learn to apply it in minutes and to put it on in seconds.
In that Golden Hour, it keeps a patient from bleeding out before they can get medical attention to the wound.
Many police, fire fighters, EMTs, and other first responders keep a CAT on their belt, in the car, and at home to help staunch bleeding.
Here is a good description of the tourniquet from North American Rescue.

Official Tourniquet of the U.S. Army
Proven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research
NEW Single Routing Buckle for faster application, decreased blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns, and simplified training with single protocol application standards
Includes reinforced windlass, stabilization plate, windlass clip and writeable windlass security strap
Featuring North American Rescue's signature Red Tip Technology® elliptical tab providing added visual clues during application

It has been tested and proven effective and was listed as the best pre-hospital tourniquet in the February 2008 supplement of The Journal of Trauma
The patented C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniquet proven to be 100% effective by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research. Tests proved that the CAT completely occluded blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant hemorrhage.
The Gen 7 CAT utilizes a durable windlass system with a patented free-moving internal band providing true circumferential pressure to the extremity. Once adequately tightened, bleeding will cease and the windlass is locked into place. A hook and loop windlass retention strap is then applied, securing the windlass to maintain pressure during casualty evacuation. The CAT’s unique dual securing system avoids the use of screws and clips which can become difficult to operate under survival stress or where fine motor skills are compromised.
The patented Combat Application Tourniquet® (C-A-T®) featuring the proprietary red tip design and the mechanical advantage of a band within a band has been the Official Tourniquet of the U.S. Army since 2005.

The CAT Tourniquet uses a durable windlass system with a patented free-moving internal band providing true circumferential pressure to the extremity. Once adequately tightened, bleeding will cease and the windlass is locked into place. A hook and loop windlass retention strap is then applied, securing the windlass to maintain pressure during casualty evacuation. The tourniquets unique dual securing system avoids the use of screws and clips which can become difficult to operate under survival."


What I Did on 9/11

  1. Got permission from my boss to get my children and go home.
  2. Called my wife and said I would get the kids. She’s a corporate travel agent so she had to work the next 14 hours getting people home.
  3. Went to the day care to get my younger ones. The teachers were in a panic and I reminded them they had to be calm for the kids and parents.
  4. Went to my older ones high school. He refused to leave because he had track practice. Knowing you can’t argue with someone who is stuck on an idea even if wrong, I asked him if he would agree to leave if his coach said so. He said yes. When we tried to find his coach they dismissed the entire school.
  5. Stopped at the ATM and got cash out.
  6. Went to the grocery store for extra food. One women was in a panic in line spreading rumors and negativity. I could see the panic spreading. I reminded her people do great things in a crisis and I expected she would do the same.
  7. Got home, put the younger one down for a nap, the older one went in to take a nap as well.
  8. Monitored the news in multiple ways.
  9. Did the CBRNe (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) circles for our house.
  10. Realizing we were inside the circles and there was a mosque going up down the street, made the decision that day to move my family to a safer area.
  11. [UPDATE: The mosque/fort (Islamic Society of Germantown) planned in 2001 I reference above proved my point in 2019. A jihadi who indoctrinates there (“Osman Alaalla, 61, came to pray Monday evening at a 5 p.m. service at the Islamic Society of Germantown. He said Henry typically led that service.” Maryland man inspired by Islamic State attack plotted to drive truck into National Harbor pedestrians, officials say
  12. Called my specops brother-in-law. As his unit in WV was fully qualed he told me he was on his way to Afghanistan.
  13. Three weeks later put money down on a house that has a well, an acre and 4 groceries within walking distance. Also, my wife has family here and most of neighbors are intelligence officers, police officers, fire fighters, military, etc.
  14. Committed to doing more for my family and all Americans that day and began to study civil defense which I had learned in my 20s. Soon joined the American Civil Defense Association, eventually writing 14 articles for the Journal of Civil Defense. Was invited to the TACDA Board of Directors and now VP. https://tacda.org/journal-topic/journal-of-civil-defense/
  15. ISIS Use of Social Media as a Force Multiplier
  16. Yes, that day changed my life in even more ways, in ways too long to explain here.


Using Social Media for when Disaster Strikes

Consider that feeling in your gut as you try to instant message, text or call your children to know if they are okay, or to notify them that you are okay...but none of your social media platforms work.
Is there a worse  feeling than being in a disaster and not being able to contact your loved ones?
As minutes pass and you cannot reach them, ideas that you would have never entertained just moments before start to enter your subconscious and rise to your conscious mind.
This is the case in a catastrophic disaster, such as an F5 tornado, when every necessity and comfort you normally enjoy is gone.
No food. No water. No electricity. No shelter. No transportation.
With power down, you cannot even use your cell phone to find out if your family or friends are safe or to notify them that you are safe.
The new reality is that everything you took for granted just hours before no longer exists. And it is anyone’s guess as to when everything will return to normal.
The purpose of this piece is to offer you strategies and tools to avoid being in that situation and to cope with it if it does happen to you and your loved ones.
I know because I have been there.
Let’s examine a brief history of this technology and capability.

Historical Evidence of Social Media Helping Cope with a Disaster

For all that is wrong with social media, the flip side is that it can be a life-saver and a comfort when you can use it to stay in touch with family members before and after a disaster.
One of the best examples of social media reconnecting families was after an E5 tornado struck  Joplin, Missouri on May 11, 2011. (For a complete discussion of this event, see https://poetslife.blogspot.com/2012/05/social-media-lessons-from-joplin.html.)
The F5 tornado spanned more than a mile wide tore through Joplin, MO, and killed over 120 people and leveled the the city. The mother and daughter team of Rebecca and Genevieve Williams immediately created a Facebook page to provide accurate information during the response to the disaster.
Using social media, they squelched rumors, answered questions, and directed people to help, including water, food, shelter, and tetanus shots. (See: https://www.facebook.com/joplintornadoinfo
As in the Joplin event, knowing how to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to contact family members and friends is now essential. Answers to please like this, “...lookin for scott morris, chris miller, stormy miller, and chris elseworth. anyone that knows them from my joplin friends needs to help me find them“ were posted by thousands.
The answers to those pleas can be life savers.
Whereas in the past we relied on the authorities to update us on conditions, what to do, or the fate of survivors, now we can conduct those tasks using social media. It is particularly good at rapidly sending such pleas for help and locating family and friends via a wide audience.
Remember, to access social media in a disaster, out of area contacts are critical. When family members are unable to contact each other who are geographically close to each other they can often contact relatives far away. These relatives, because they have power, can oftentimes contact other family members.
The following warning from a Joplin tornado survivor applies to the aftermath of all disasters. “After recently going through ths, please be careful where you donate money. Unfortunately, there are many who are not honest and will take advantage of this tragedy.“
WARNING: Grifters, criminals, and quick buck artists know that social media donation solicitations are unregulated. Vet and be certain of anyone or organization that is raising money after any disaster before donating.
In contrast, multiple legitimate organizations will solicit over social media to raise relief funds and to organize volunteers. Here is one such example from Joplin. “You can sign up as a volunteer on United Way.”
Avoid the grifters and support the honest recovery caregivers on social media.
Let’s examine ways to connect with your family using social media during and after a disaster strikes.
Each individual and family is unique and so is their social media use. For disaster response and management, what is most important is not the social media platform you and your family choose, but that everyone know how to use it when they need to use it. Act now to ensure you have the social media platforms downloaded, used, tested and ready for the next disaster.
Instant messaging (Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, the one included with your cell phone) is particularly useful for immediate responses during and immediately after a disaster. Skype enables a group chat.At first LinkedIn may not appear to be that useful, but it is for unique disaster needs. 
For example, in many disasters mobility is at a stand still until trees, debris and objects are removed from the roadway. How does that? Skilled construction workers and tree removal experts. Where do you find them when you need them?Yes, you can use search engines, but LinkedIn may be the better choice to find one who is not overwhelmed, busy, or not the right one for you. LinkedIn will provide details on such critical service contacts.

When my house burned down, we had great difficulty finding a builder to do the job. And we were only one job. After a disaster, it is often hard to find contractors as they have already committed to other jobs. So using another nontraditional search engine such as LinkedIn can help identify and hire skilled professionals.
Always include a few contacts who are out of your area or state. In a disaster environment, your local lines my be jammed or not working, but you can often reach someone out of your area. Also, due to the strength of how they are built, cell towers for 911 will often work when all other lines do not.

Best Social Media Platforms for Disaster Communications

The best social media and apps for you to use during and after a disaster are the ones you currently use with your family. You know them well, and in the heightened stress of a disaster you do not need another thing to worry about.
Below are additional social media and Internet platforms options.
Apps: You may want to research other Apps that may be better for your needs. The best way is to enter a search term,  Emergency apps, preparedness, disasters“ in a Google Play or the App Store. You can then identify, download and test apps that may be best suited to you.
Browsers: Download and use less used browsers like Brave and Firefox. Like most people, you use Google, Bing, or Chrome but there are numerous social media platforms you can use for disaster communications. By downloading and using multiple social media platforms, you ensure you have more choices available during and after a disaster.
Blogs: Many blogs have excellent tips, procedures, and useful disaster advice. Blogger (Blogger Help )  and WordPress (https://wordpress.org/) are two of the better known platforms you can use. 
As weather impacts EVERYTHING and especially disasters, follow meteorologist Mike Smith’s science-based weather blog: http://www.mikesmithenterprisesblog.com/.
Search Engines: DuckDuckGo, DogPile, Gibiru, Search Encrypt, StartPage and other less known search engines do not invade your privacy like Google. They do not keeps logs, sell data, track you with cookies, and do not bring up similar ads to what you search to buy. Try them. I know you will enjoy all they offer...such as privacy.
Social Media Search Engines: Remember that social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also search engines. They can be used to identify people, products and services just like traditional search engines. Since Captain Scully landed his plane on the Hudson River and it was on Twitter an hour before the New York media, Twitter has provided real-time information on disasters in advance of traditional media every time.
Podcasts: You can listen to podcasts while driving your car or doing yard work. Search for relevant podcasts by going to Stitcher (https://www.stitcher.com/) or Podcasts (https://tunein.com/podcasts/) to find disaster podcasts. Here are a few natural disaster podcasts: https://civildefenseradio.com/category/podcast/episode/

Securing Social Media to Maintain Privacy and Security

To use your social media when you need it, you must set them up and maintain them to protect your privacy and security. Be aware that hackers and other criminals are always probing your social media devices (cell phones, computers, tablets) to corrupt, steal and sell your data.
You must also have a multi-layered strategy to protect your data and privacy. This is a big topic, but here are three simple rules to follow to maintain your privacy and security.
·            Use difficult passwords
·            Keep software, apps, accounts updated
·            Set privacy settings to limit access to your accounts to family and friends

When Disaster Strikes — Implementing Your Social Media Connections

The key to implementing your social media connections when a disaster strikes is to create, test, and use them BEFORE a disaster strikes.
That sounds more simple than it is.
In this day of remarkable cell phones when you download an app for every need, the ability to use both your cell phone and it’s apps when disaster strikes is assumed.
But everything changes in a disaster.
I know this because I have been through disasters. And no disaster is worse than one that hits you and your family.
I have known the humiliation of standing in front of my now destroyed house as my burned wife was taken by a medical helicopter to a burn unit.
I only realized that I was doing so in my underwear when a neighbor said, "Do you want a pair of my pants.“
When I asked why he replied, Look down.“
Only then did I realize I didn’t even have a pair of pants on after I fled our house fire after I got my wife and sons out. 
(For more information see https://tacda.org/journal/journal-of-civil-defense-2014-vol-47-no-2-treating-infection-without-a-doctor/)
When you are in a disaster, please don’t be like me standing there with no clothes on wondering if you wife will recover and where your kids will eat and sleep next.
Take these simple and easy measures now to ensure that such a fate is not in your future. Here are a few steps that may help.

Simple and Easy Social Media Steps to Take

Most people by now are familiar with how to use social media. However, they do not understand how dramatically social media access and use can change during and after a disaster. As with any area in life, forewarned is forearmed.
In a disaster, everything changes. Events unfold at a pace you cannot imagine. Hyper stress hits and decisions that were easy a few minutes ago are very difficult to make. Where just an hour ago you knew what to do, now you may not have any of the information you need to help you decide what to do.
During and after a disaster people reach out to friends and family to find help securing food, water, shelter, medical care and transportation.  Social media tools enable people to share this information immediately and effectively.
Social media is now vital to recovery efforts after disasters, when infrastructure must be rebuilt and stress management is critical.
The extensive reach of social networks allows people who are recovering from disasters to rapidly connect with needed resources. This enables survivors to connect, talk, and share recovery resources.
Especially in large-scale disasters, when thousands are displaced from their homes and many have fled the disaster zone, people use social media to contact family and friends, post photos, share stories, and to give and get help.
Social media, through the internet, search engines, apps, instant messaging, social networking and photo sharing websites, provide readily available and efficient ways for family members to keep in touch and impart critical disaster related information.
Remember you only need one communication app (your phone instant message app) and one essential search engine (StartPage for example) and one backup (DogPile). Master it.
In the stress of a disaster, it is best to stick to the basic apps and social media platforms you know and use.
NOTE: All cell phones, apps, networks, servers, computers, tablets, etc. depend on ELECTRICITY. Natural disaster often disrupt the supply of electricity and therefore the ability to use this technology.
So, purchase external portable battery charging devices NOW. Include a solar version so you can use the sun to recharge them if power is out. Car battery jump starter devices now include three USB ports to charge phones, tablets and computers. Example: NEW Stanley J5c09 Jumpit Jump Starter.

Accessing Social Media Sites During and After a Disaster

First, do you have electric power? 
Do you have sufficient power to transmit your message, data, photos and other communication? Every device you have will power down quickly when not recharged. Therefore, you must have the ability to charge your devices outside of the electrical system you take for granted.
Ideally, you always have an Internet connection. Unfortunately, that is not the reality in during of after a disaster.
There are other places where you can get a connection when you don’t have a connection at home. There are many locations where you can access an Internet connection, especially now that so much of that connection has shifted to cell phones and tablets.
If due to a disaster you do not have power and access to the Internet, there are other places where you can get that access to use social media. Here are a places where you can access the Internet via a WiFi connection:
·            Your car
·            Coffee Shop
·            Hotel Lobby
·            Library
·            Church
·            Work
·            Gyms
·            Stores
·            Shopping Centers
·            Community Centers
·            Government Buildings


Social media has made our world easier but it creates it’s own set of issues. For example, in any disaster, rumors run rampant. And yet you have to act based on little or no data or facts but you may only have rumors.
To help you and your family to prepare to handle the disruptions disasters cause, take care to have your social media platforms, apps, and devices in place, up to date (latest patches, software, operating system), tested and ready. 
The suggestions above are a start.
Social media awareness may save your dignity, your life, your possessions and of your loved ones during and after a disaster.
Start now to make that possible.