America Rising - Charity

 Ah yes...charity...or as the nuns used to remind us, sacrificial love like that of Christ is the only real charity.
St. Michael the Archangel, my parish, announces that it needs $300,000 to fix the 37-year old air conditioning unit, to replace the electrical room, and to add handicapped parking spaces. I can't give them 300 grand, but I can give them three hundred. Everyone else stretches, like they have stretched for the 130 years the parish has been around, and it gets done.
My brother is in danger of losing his house. I can't keep him from losing his house, but I can help with a few mortgage payments.
Giving, and giving, and giving is part of the American Creed. Here, the ultimate form of sacrifice.
And Americans give more and  rise to the challenge every day to provide charity in a way that no other people can. Ignore the smarmy media and academic hate America crowd. 
America is still rising and is still the best hope for mankind.


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