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Serendipity still creates fun on the web.
 For example, to keep up with the world of technical communication, I maintain a list of links for Websites, blogs, and other digital information I have gathered over the years.

Recently, while reviewing links from five years ago, I ran across this one: http://www.icerocket.com/
Icerocket used to have very funny videos and news segments five years ago. Now, it seems to be mostly a search engine, so I entered the search word "poetslife" in the icerocket's search engine, and I ran across this gem:
Top 142 Social Marketing Blogs on the Web
138 days ago by re:think your strategy
http://www.dailyblogtips.com/ Poetslife A Z-List Blog:
hmmm...I clicked the link and discovered a blog called re:think your strategy, snack size pears of marketing wisdom with a list of the Top 142 Social Marketing Blogs on the Web created on April 11, 2010. What I found especially funny about the listing is that I have tried to keep my blog noncommercial...for years.
And guess what was listed as 139? Me.
Poetslife A Z-List Blog (now just poetslife http://poetslife.blogspot.com/

Olivia, who writes the blog, describes the Top 145 Social Marketing Blogs thus:
Below is the most complete list I’ve ever seen of the top social marketing blogs.We created it because it is a list that is much needed by marketers who want to get great news, opinions, and insights by credible, popular bloggers and experts in social marketing.
If you could put a dollar value on the information shared across all these sites it would impossible for most people to afford. Luckily, you can access all these sites and keep up on social marketing trends and news for free.The sites are not ranked in any particular order, nor did I come up with a complicated algorithm to sort and sift them into any order of importance.
They all have something to share and they are all popular sites with their own following, large and small.Enjoy this big resource!Social Marketing Blogs Looking for a social marketing blog? The following is a list of 142 of the top social marketing blogs on the web right now.
Consider this a digital library of social media, marketing how-to, social news sites, and communities.

Thanks for including me in the Top 145 Social Marketing Blogs on the Web, Olivia. Scoble may not still get a rush from being included in such a list, but I do!

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