The Need for Software User Survey's

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User survey's are necessary to the process of software design, creation, testing, marketing, and use in the product lifecycle...and to data mining and sampling. Why? Because software surveys allow you to test, observe, and rewrite software's Tower of Babel code to be more useful for the average person. Oftentimes, unfortunatley, the attitude among software engineers and developers is "Build it and they will come!" rather than "What do they want built and how will they use it?

Zoomerangtm is the best survey software I've found thus far to discover what tasks people really want from their software . Their motto is, "Easiest way to ask! fastest way to know!" I have used may survey instruments over the years, and Zoomerang's really is the easiest and fastest. And the bar chart results are a wonder to behold. Even Fortune has said, "Zoomerang is the market leader." Take 5, click, and try it here: Test Zoomerang

Zoomerang also offers a Spanish version.
They give you a free basic account to test it out that will:
  • Create short surveys (30 questions maximum)
  • View data online (results available for 10 days after survey launch)
  • Collect less than 100 survey responses per survey
Create Surveys
Deploy Your Survey
Analyze and Use Your Results

More Information about Zoomerang and MarketTools, Inc., is available at their website: Zoomerang,

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