Harry Newton Technology Investor

Harry Newtwon warned in his Technology Investor column (Now In Search of the Perfect Investment) about the technology bubble burst a year before Allen Greenspan used the phrase, "irrational exuberance."
He offers unique insights on what tech stocks to look at, what tech stocks to avoid, and when to move in and out of cash. His theories on investing are erudite (see, for example, his Cockroach Theory.)
He has that rare gift for translating highly complex technical information into clean, clear, consistent reading...and he does it all with a great sense of humor. Each column includes a good joke at the end. He also highlights the latest tech gadgets and gear. Link here.
I first discovered him when I used his witty tome Newton's Telecom Dictionary -- The Official Dictionary of Telecommunications, Networking and the Internet daily when I was creating router, modem, central test equipment, and other telecommunications manuals. I still use it. Amazon gave it five stars. If you have questions about the Internet, networking, telecommunications, or just enjoy funny writing, buy his dictionary here. Years hence, he may be seen as the Samuel Johnson of this Internet age.

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