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Bruce Curley, Writer

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing; Others judge us by what we have done. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Senior Technical and Proposal Writer
*  Twenty-five years of experience as a business technical proposal and technical writer.
*  Proficient in Word, Privia, Adobe, Style and Format creation, Snag-It, Lean Six Sigma, Manuals, Procedures, Proposal Writer, Templates, PowerPoint, Quality, Requirements, RTM, SharePoint, Smartsheet,  Storyboards, ISO9002, and other documentation and software development life cycle (SDLC) product tools. 
*  Translate highly technical information into Plain English.
*  Develop and maintain strong and productive relationships with subject matter experts (SMEs).
* Energetic, versatile, and deadline-oriented self-starter who performs well on project teams.

Senior Technical Writer, Allegis Group, 9/2016 —  Present
·         *  Create format and style templates and write content for security, procedure, policy. server build standards and other enterprise operations documents.
·     *    Research and write white papers to implement plans for the on European Union (EU) General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR) for May, 2018.
·    *  Write and update the disaster recovery plan, disaster recovery run book, standards, policies, data sheets and other work products to meet current and future needs.
·    *  Migrate and change hundreds of legacy documents to current standards, style, formatting and organization rules and regulations and upload to the new SharePoint website.
·     *   Created a Governance Document Product Matrix with title, description, status, owner, version and date of hundreds of documents to meet international standards and large international client audit requirements.

Senior Technical Writer, Transamerica (TEKSystems) , 4/2016 —  8/2016
With contributions from Manager, Risk Systems, Global Hedging Services and SMEs, re-write multiple store-of-knowledge artifacts into Plain English, such as:
*  Created 38 forms and templates for theSDLC to meet corporate and regulatory and financial standards and regulations..
*  Reviewed over 40 corporate continuity of operations and disaster recovery plans to write a model  business continuity and disaster recovery plan.
*  Reformat and rewrite Service Level Agreements (SLA's).in Plain English
*  Edit and provide quality control check on proposals.

Senior Technical Writer, Recovery Point, 9/2015 —  12/2015
With contributions from CEO and SMEs, re-write multiple store-of-knowledge artifacts into Plain English, such as:
 * Test Management Runbook (reference guide for how to plan, execute and close a disaster recovery test for mainframe computers)
 * Mainframe Disaster Recovery Test Plan Frequently Asked Questions, Answers and Tips Guide
 * Client Media Services Procedures Manual
 * Client Procedures for Tape Library and Data Center Services
 * Disaster Response Testing Process Flow Chart
 * Edit and rewrite checklists in Smartsheet.

Senior Technical Proposal Writer, Xerox, 5/2010 —  9/2015
* Translated highly technical information from internal solutions architects and information technology (IT) professionals to Plain English for external tolling authorities and other clients.
* Under the direction of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), respond to technically complex request for information (RFI) and requests for proposal (RFP) solicitations (from 70 to 2,500 pages) about intelligent tolling transportation systems in the United States and overseas.
* Created, rewrote, edited, and develop common content (274 files, 471 photos, 14 PowerPoint's) for a broad range of digital and paper documents and repurpose for new proposals.
* Extracted requirements from proposals to create a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
* With CTO, worked with designers to create graphics to convey complex systems.

* Commented on diagrams, tables, artwork, and requirement responses on Pink and Red Team reviews to improved content to assure it addresses all proposal requirements.

Senior Technical Writer – Proposal Writer, Bechtel Power Corporation, 1/2009 – 3/2010
* Using Adobe® FrameMaker® 8.0 and Acrobat® Distiller 9, prepare highly detailed and complex environmental and final safety analysis reports for four power companies seeking combined construction and operating license agreements from the U.S. NRC.
* Using Word, for a Request for Proposal (RFP) worth $400 million, rewrote documentation from engineer and business authors.
* Using SnagIt, created and maintained a graphics library that was used to support the content and requirements of the RFP.

Senior Technical Writer – Quality Assurance, Digene Corporation, 1/2007 – 11/2008
* In advanced FrameMaker, created a new lean template and used international standard English (for translation into 15 languages) to write the DML 3000 Operator’s Manual (that passed Underwriters Laboratories certification requirements), Quick Start Guide, Unpacking Guide
* Conduct product quality assurance and documentation gathering business trips to outside equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to coordinate company value added instrument with OEM original.
* Interviewed SMEs, reviewed product material, undertook process review to create documentation. Manual sections include: Safety, Introduction, Theory of Operation, Hardware, Unpacking and Setup, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance. Also wrote:
    • Hybrid Capture System Automated Plate Washer Service Manual
    • Microplate Heater I and Deep Well Heater Service Manual
    • Hybrid Capture System Rotary Shaker I Operator’s Manual
    • Hybrid Capture Multi-Specimen Tube Vortexer 2 Operator’s Manual
    • How to Print Labels Work Instructions
    • How to Count Labels Work Instructions
    • EconHPV Test User’s Manual
 Senior Technical Writer, SoftMed Systems, Inc., 4/2006 – 1/2007
* Using Word, wrote plain English software management and user documentation of highly complex and very technical medical software for internal and external customers
* Interviewed subject matter experts, software and system engineers, product managers, and installation consultants to create text, graphics, tables, and diagrams for documentation.
* Maintained existing user guides, getting started guides, installation instructions, management and “What’s New” bulletins to reflect software product features and updates

Senior Technical Writer, Contractor, 11/2005 - 05/2006
* Wrote Management and User Guides for health care software company
* Created an emergency preparedness guide for a Washington, DC medical association (ACOG)
* Conducted usability testing, evaluation, and wrote content for a medical practice website
* Wrote and built Plain English, highly visual blogs for a small businesses

Project Manager and Senior Technical Writer, MMTI, 05/2004 – 12/2005
Project manager for U.S. Sergeant at Arms OSEP Security Interactive Training Project
* Developed a DVD and web-based training course on emergency supplies, communications, and continuity of operations, security and planning.
*  Responsible for all aspects of project management, including the design document, weekly meeting minutes, client meetings, course creation, and taking a paper-based course to DVD and web-based formats.
* Wrote storyboards that include assets (photo, video, etc.), scripts, narrations, screen content, unit organization used by programmers and graphic artists to create courses.
Senior technical writer for the International Training Institute
* Created media content for CORE and architectural sheet metal curriculum material for DVDs and instructor guides that are used by sheet-metal instructors to trainarchitectural sheet-metal workers.
* Created ASM Library (photos, videos, MSDS, and other ASM materials, components and projects). This ASM library saves hundreds of hours of instructional designer and production staff time and tens of thousands in production by providing readily available photos and videos they can add to their storyboards, DVDs, instructor guides and student manuals.
* Saved the company over $100,000 in production costs by getting permission from companies for video and photo assets for use in our DVDs, instructor guides, and student manuals.
* Conducted usability testing on DVDs and websites
* Wrote “Useful Architectural Sheet Metal Websites” (51 pages), a digital and paper medium used by SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Association) instructional modules (Materials, Roofing, Tools, Project Management, etc.).
* Wrote ASM “Gang of 5” training scenario
* Contributed to and rewrote MMTI Quality Control Document
* Rewrote MMTI Program and Quality Control Process and Video Production Full Process
* Rewrote successful PowerPoint presentation for SBIR grant application for NIH/IAFF for DVD for “Responding to HazMat Incidents – Interactive Case Studies”

Technical Writer, Northrop Grumman Corporation, 07/2003 – 04/2004
* As part of a skunk works technical writing team, using Word and Corel PhotoPaint and Draw, wrote the Biohazard Detection System (BDS) Operations and MaintenanceManual. Responsible for text, diagrams, screens, and photographs for the Theory of Operation, Hardware, Software, and Operations chapters.
* Validated hundreds of maintenance and operation procedures. The BDS works with mail processing equipment to continually collect air samples from mail sorting machines to test it for anthrax.
* Rewrote highly technical biological and genetic data so technicians could accurately determine the anthrax threat from air and debris samples. This BDS Manual is used to train USPS and NG maintenance personnel, trainers, and management on the unit.

Technical Writer Engineer,  Axcelis Technologies, Inc., 04/2000 – 03/2003
*  Using advanced FrameMaker and Corel Draw, Wrote 3 major manuals (over 600 pages each) installation and operation manuals, software user guides, and software and hardware procedures in digital and paper formats for field service engineers, training department, marketing, and customer use. Representative product titles include:
    • Fusion PS3 Photostabilizer Service Manual
    • Fusion ES3 Asher Service Manual
    • Fusion ES3i Installation and Operation Manual
    • Teaching the OCR Software for the Axcelis 300 mm Tool* Used project review cycle to plan, write, publish and review all documentation, including procedures. 
    • Conducted software usability testing to improve software usefulness and usability guides.

Society for Technical Communication (STC) seminars ( STC 2008 Philadelphia Annual Convention, Shaping the Future of Technical Communication, STC Carolina, 2005, April 2005); Johns Hopkins, School of Advanced International Studies, Graduate level coursework; BA, Cum Laude 3.6 GPA, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, International Relations; American University in Paris, France, semester abroad program.

Professional Affiliations/Other Work

Featured in the article, “Bruce V. Curley: Poet” in Intercom, Society for Technical Communication magazine, November 2002, p. 44.
Editor, Opening NATO’s Door, How the Alliance Remade Itself for a New Era, Ronald D. Asmus, Council on Foreign Relations, Columbia University Press, NY, 2002
The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA), “Web 2.0 Tools for First Responders,” Spring Issue, 2009
Member, Board of Directors, TACDA.
Have written over 12 speeches for the Mayor of Mount Airy, MD.
As a volunteer, set up the policies, procedure, plans, continuity of operations, and equipment for an emergency operations center (EOC) and wrote continuity of operations plans for the Town of Mt. Airy. Helped write the memorandum of understanding to obtain supplies from local merchants in an emergency.
Member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). See: http://poetslife.blogspot.com/search/label/Tornado%20Emergency%20Exercise; http://poetslife.blogspot.com/search/label; Volunteer%20Mobilization%20Center;
I have been married for 28 years and have two sons.
I am listed in the Top 142 Social Marketing Blogs on the Web by re:think your strategy. Click:

In the dozens of proposals, manuals, thousands of procedures, specifications sheets, on-line content, CDs and DVD I have worked on, I have taken and still dense, confusing, and disorganized text, pictures, diagrams and tables and convert them into a clear, concise, and consistent package in digital and paper form.  As a quick study, I master highly technical material with minimal supervision.

In software documentation, I have created works for the full document cycle, from design to project to user manual. Most manuals I have written include hundreds of graphics, which I have strategically placed to guide the reader's learning. 

On numerous software and hardware teams, I have always added value to the product throughout the product life cycle. Here is one example. At Northrop Grumman, I helped write the Biohazard Detection System (BDS) Operation and Maintenance Handbook (Introduction, Safety, Theory of Operation, Hardware, Software, Operation and Maintenance, Troubleshooting chapters). 

It was a complex with an X, Y, Z robot, a genetic tester, and fluidics. I took hundreds of photos of components and integrated those photos with the text. For accuracy and project requirements, I undertook detailed validation testing of the unit, software, and network against the written procedures and checklists.

The manual and the CD are used to train dozens of technicians who maintain and operate the system, and engineers who use it as a store of knowledge. At one employer, I created a detailed diagram to central text equipment that led to a 20 percent decrease in calls to the help desk. 

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