Reversing the Latest Mohammedan Jihad

It is time to admit the Mohammedan's are setting the American house on fire and we need to put it out. 
Now that they have published a list of thousands of Christian churches for their hard core and wannabe's to assault, maybe it is time to plan for our counter assault.
ISIS, the latest version of a 1,400 year old Mohammedan jihad, and many other Mohammedan terrorist groups, have proven very adept at using social media tools to win power, influence, recruits and strategic advantage over their opponents. So far, they've mostly portrayed their strategic, battle field, psychological and opponent success after they achieve it. 
But, soon, they will use social media as a significant force multiplier if they coordinate their assault with their social media skills to cause panic, chaos, death and destruction in the United States and in other civilized nations.
​Back in 2008, I wrote an article in the American Civil Defense Association (TACDA) Civil Defense Journal called, "Free Web Safety & Emergency Tools." It highlighted how first responders could use social media tools to work better. ​
That is the good side of the social media technology use.
Sadly, there is an evil side using the same technology,
ISIS or an ISIS clone can create widespread panic through the use of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram as a force multiplier if they use these tools in tandem with an actual physical assault within the United States.
Think about that. ONE rogue ISIS devotee in a truck shut down the city of Berlin, Germany, Christmas week. 
Imagine if they get their act together and organize a coordinated attack.
Like on multiple churches and day care centers.
A social media force multiplier as I use the term here is an individual or small team who, through the use of special tactics, can do the damage of a much larger force. 
It is easy to understand that a skilled sniper is a force multiplier on the battle field. Why? Because snipers are capable of force multiplication without ever directly engaging the enemy, they are a commonly known force multiplier. I propose that a few jihadi social media “snipers” can create the kind of chaos, death, destruction, and panic to millions of American civilians.
Orson Wells in his famous 1938 drama “War of the Worlds” achieved massive citizen panic using just his voice and an earlier social media tool, the radio. ISIS has far more sophisticated tools at its disposal, and it knows how to use them.
Once underway this kind of large-scale citizen panic is difficult to contain. As they have already cut off captives heads, engaged in mass murder and mass rape, enslaved thousands, turned Christian churches into prisons, recruited, trained and activated suicide bombers and engaged in other widespread and repeated violent behavior, their launching multiple attacks inside the U.S. is easily imaginable.
Given their proficiency and experience coordinating their attacks with social media propaganda, ISIS using social media as a multiplier force is also easily imaginable.
The full impact of that attack is not imaginable, although their use of these social media tools for the past several years in the Middle East and globally shows they are proficient in their use.
We can shut down ISIS social media tools BEFORE their use of them results in large numbers of death, panic, mayhem and destruction.
The consequences of waiting until AFTER this social media force multiplier is used on a larger scale are unimaginable. 
We can connect the dots on this one now. 
We can also take care of this threat now if we show the wisdom, courage, and action that our future children and grandchildren depend upon.

Funny thing...when I look at the statistics for this post, besides the United States, the most view are from China, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates.  Wonder why.

I have gamed all this out in a novel I wrote called The President is Hostage: Payback's a Bitch.
You can read it in book or digital format. 
Here is a summary.

"Terrorists worldwide united in their hatred of American freedom strike the United States in a coordinated attack in one day. At first, they deal out death, mayhem and destruction across America. Until, that is, Frank McKenna, National Guard 10th Mountain Brigade out of Ft. Ashby, West Virginia counterattacks and brings God's justice down on their sorry asses.
Frank McKenna, West Virginia fruit grower and Special Forces Reservist, receives a call at 4:22 a.m. from the government.

He assembles his specialized gear and heads for a prearranged assembly point for his unit. On the way, he reads a passage from Proverbs 28: 1-2: “...When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order...” and Revelation 6:3: “...When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come out! Then another horse came out. It was fiery red. And its rider was given the power to take away all peace from the earth, so that people would slaughter one another. He was also given a big sword.” Colonel Watson arrives at Frank’s orchard to use it as a command and operations center as so much of America’s once mighty war machine is compromised by the terrorist's first strike.
Abdullah, the mastermind behind uniting a dozen of the most lethal terrorist groups in the world to strike at the United States in one day, gives instructions to Ferric Mohammed, the American Black Muslim who has been on his payroll for years. Ferric has hidden behind front organizations like “The Committee for a Free Palestine” and “Muslim Brotherhood Association for Economic Development and Freedom.” for two decades to raise a terrorist force of 24,000 to assist in the destruction of America. Together with sundry Muslim terrorist groups worldwide, and other groups out on the fringe, Abdullah’s years at George Washington University and working in the United States paid off, he was in control of the White House and had the President of the United States hostage. The Pentagon is almost totally inoperative. All over the United States people are quick to find that those explosions are American icons -- the World Trade Center, the Sears Tower, the TransAmerica Building, destroyed.

Abdullah confronts the President and his circle in the White House bunker. He lectures him about the foolishness of supporting 12 million Jews over two billion Muslims. He shows the President news feeds that show how destructive his coordinated attack on the United States has been. He issues his demand that the Jews leave the Middle East.
In a flashback, Adbullah goes to the mountain camps of the M-19 Shining Path. They agree to use their considerable skill at blowing up p
ower plants to shut down America’s energy grid on the day of the first strike.
Tom Wosniac, Ph.D. in Greek philosophy and Presidential intelligence aide de camp, visits Joe McKenna, Frank’s father, at the McKenna Orchard. He grills him about his job as a trolley driver in Washington, D.C. in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Joe McKenna’s father drove a trolley line that went right under the White House, which Tom wants to use to free the President and his staff. Over a satellite phone, Joe tells Frank exactly where the tunnel runs.
Frank and his unit land at Ball’s Bluff across from White’s Ferry above Potomac, MD and begin to weave down River Road to Georgetown. They meet stiff resistance from Adbullah’s army in Georgetown and on K Street. In coordination with several other Special Forces units, they succeed at escaping through back alleys to the Dupont Circle entrance to the tunnels under Washington, D.C. Americans, a heavily armed people, take their nation back."

For more information, see: ScribdVienna1683

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