WaterBricks for Emergencies

WaterBricks are a great way to store water, food, even  ammo, or to build furniture or shelter when needed. I have used them for some time and find them rugged, easy to fill, carry and stack, and very dependable. WaterBricks can be cross stacked and interlocked for easy storage and to build furniture or shelter.
I am on a well so I have to have a good source of emergency water, and these are the best water storage items I've ever found. They are like water LEGOs that stay in place, don't leak, and protect water for a very long time. I highly recommend WaterBricks, especially for those who are not connected to city water.
Note: These bricks can be frozen. This is important to extending frozen food life during a power outage. And, if you need to keep insulin cold for a diabetic, this can be a lifesaver in the first few hours and days of the loss of power.
You can order Waterbricks here. (online)
877 420 Water (phone)
1011 Crown Park Circle, Suite 100, Winter Garden, FL, www.WaterBrick.org

WaterBrick Features                                               Benefits

Notched Lid with Full Gasket
Notched design allows for an easy to open lid while the heavy duty full gasket provides a tight seal
Wide Lid Opening
An average adult can easily reach in for stored contents
Carry Handle
Offers easy comfort especially when carrying long distances on foot and, if necessary, is easily detachable
HDPE Plastic Resin
BPA free containers for water and food.  Made of resin that meets
FDA standards. Not for fuels or oils 
Ultra Violet Protectant
Non-bio degradable 15 year life or longer
Interlocking Male and Female Components
For stability and easy stacking while in transit on a pallet and when used as containers for water or food. Offers a smaller foot print thus saving storage space
Exterior Textured and Designed
Made to look like a real building block, rounded corners with texture & color to be aesthetically pleasing while showing like a finished product, all-in-one

AND...they can be used as sandbags to protect our military members: WaterBrick Sandbags.

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