James O'Keefe Breakthrough

I have have had the privilege of seeing courage, grit, moral fiber, certitude, and what what the Irish call "The Magics" only a few times in my life.
The Magics, for the Irish, are a God-given, extraordinary, almost superhuman ability, a special gift (poetry, politics, music, warfare, business) to understand and create for the greater good.
My brother-in-law, in addition to raising fruit for 48 years (no small task given the vicissitudes of rain, drought, too much sun, too little sun, pestilence, flood, rot, too much rain, deer who eat every seedling, and the 10,000 elements that prevent any orchard man or farmer from delivering God's good food and fruit every year to the millions) has The Magics.
I've seen it.
The first time I asked for my wife's hand in marriage, he came out of his 1972 Ford 150 and trained his sky-blue eyes on me and measured my mettle as a man...eyes that went right through me..and offered his hand in trust...knowing I would defend my wife, his sister, and his family and his neighbors and his nation...and I would. He knew it when he looked at me and I knew it. And we've been brother's ever since.
As a member of Delta Force, I respected his ability to defend us and to protect us from Central America to Vanuatu to Afghanistan. I honored him in a book loosely based on his character that I hope outlasts us both. Here is a link.
Kenny has courage, proven courage. So, too, does James O'Keefe.
I recently attended a book signing by James O'Keefe. He just wrote "Breakthrough: Our Guerrilla War to  Expose Fraud and Save Democracy."
Imagine a book that opens with this paragraph in the opening chapter: Through the Plexiglas.
"On the evening of January 25, 2010, I woke curled up in a fetal position, on a green mattress stained with seminal fluid, to the sound of my fellow prisoners chanting the Qu'ran."
How the Feds can bring superior power down on your head if they believe you are not in line with their group think.
He won me over immediately.
He is real. His stories are real.
He is a Mic who has been tested in fire (the Feds have come down heavily on him with all their weapons) and he has come out stronger for the  bows, arrows, false accusations, the false arrests, government tyranny, and blind-sided by the horrors of a rogue government.
He is, as my working-class roots say, "real people."
Read his book.
It is a tale of courage.
Real courage.
Not manufactured media courage.
He lists a number of Veritas (truth) rules in the tome. Here are a few:
Veritas Rule #1: Content is king.
Veritas Rule #2: You must do what you can with what you have.
Veritas Rule #3: Use their own flawed construct to put them into a position where either way they can't win.
Vertias Rule #4: Find someone who can act and take action.
Veritas Rule #5: The law will always surround you. Learn it.
Veritas Rule #6: Always use props.
Vertias Rule #7: Resist the temptation to work or live in the Beltway. Restrict visits to twenty-four hours.
Veritas Rule #8: Expect the media to invest Gandhi: First they fight you, then they laugh at you, then they ignore your, then you win.
Vertias Rule #9: Think of the worst thing they can say and prepare your response.
Veritas Rule #10: Your manner matters more than your costume.
Vertias Rule #11: If you do your job right, expect to break new legal ground.
Veritas Rule #12: If you're creative, you can always make the news.
Veritas Rule #13: Safely extract the ta;e. If you don't, they'll say anything and be believed.
Veritas Rule #14: No journalist can speak truth to power unless they are willing to be slandered and arrested.
Veritas Rule #15: Stick to the facts.
Veritas Rule #16: Know who your friends are and stay loyal to them.
Veritas Rule #17: Never let your guard down. You are always behind enemy lines.
Veritas Rule #18: Obsess over getting your subject in frame.
Veritas Rule #19: When the content is strong enough, the publicity will take care of itself.
Veritas Rule #20: If you're doing your job, the government will be paying attention.
Veritas Rule #21: Stay on script.
Veritas Rule #22: Expect to be held to a higher standard than Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists.
Veritas Rule #23: Watch out for moles!
Veritas Rule #24: Walk a mile in your enemy's head.
Veritas Rule #25: If it feels wrong, abort and get out safely.
Veritas Rule #26: Guerrilla tactics are inherently antibureaucratic. It is sometimes necessary to operate at your own risk.
Veritas Rule #27: The truth is manifestly damning.
Veritas Rule #28: They may never understand your ideas, but they will be forced to understand your results.
Veritas Rule #29: Rock beats scissors. Journalism beats anti-journalism.
Veritas Rule #30: Don't blow your cover while inside the place.
Veritias Rule #31: Keep your mind open to people who know more than you do.
Veritas Rule #32: Brand your action,a nd it will have legs.
Veritas Rule #33: You will get a wave of creative adrenalien from to time. Go with it.
Veritas Rule #34: Double-check your facts before going public.
Veritas Rule #35: Be prepared to release your unedited tape. Ask your adversaries to do the same.
Veritas Rule #36: Mau-mau the flak catchers.
Veritas Rule #37: Ask forgiveness, not permission.
Veritas Rule #38: Remember, some journalists are more equal than others.
Veritas Rule #39: Big things have small beginnings.

I would add one more Veritas Rule: Stay aware of being blind-sided by political operatives and your own family members.
I say this because I know. Back during the presidential debates of 2007 I was tweeting about it. Didn't think much of it until it cost me my job due to a Dem operative identify me and taking me out.
When I came to work one day, I was told to report to HR in 10 minutes. When I got there, my Director, a VP of personal, a VP of legal, and my immediate supervisor were there.
The VP of HR pushed some of my tweets from a debate across the table.
"Are these yours?" she demanded.
"Depends what you mean by yours. Actually, the debate was so fast I copied material from another guy I admire and pasted them."
"Well, these posts are inappropriate."
"Actually, nothing there is inappropriate." I replied.
"Not according to us."
"How did you get this, anyway. That's from my Twitter account."
"Someone wrote us a letter about it and we had to investigate it?"
"Who?" I asked.
"We can't reveal that." She replied.
I looked at the lawyer and said, "Well, if your here, it's already decided. Is that correct?"
"Yes." She replied.
"I'll be out of here in five minutes." I responded.
On the way home I called my oldest brother. He suggested I call my other older brother to see if there was anything I could do legally.
He's a labor lawyer and I called him.
He was supportive...at first. When he found out I wrote comments opposed to O, he slammed me...hard. It was so brutal I can't even repeat it here.
I should have known better.
Years ago we went at it because he had just returned from Cuba after writing a paper for the State Department about how great the health care was in Cuba and how great the Cuban government was.
I disagreed fiercely, starting with the fact that the Cuban communists have killed hundreds of poets.
He's a true O believer, and he hit me on facts about me that only a brother could know, including trying to use my deceased mother against me. It was ugly.
We've only spoken once in the past 6 years since that time. O has turned us against each other. That's his great legacy, dividing Americans.
My labor lawyer brother is a true O believer. He's tried to get my entire family to be O zombies. He's spent hundreds of hours working to ingrain his ideology into American union workers.
It's very sad.
Like many at the other end of their hate and their willingness to take out their follow Americans, or "enemies...get in their faces as their Dear Leader instructs them, I've kept this quiet for years.
Until now. I realize that we have to be twice as good at them at this game because they've been at it so many more years they are better at it.
O'Keefe's courage, creativity and willingness to take a stand regardless of the consequences so well documented in Breakthrough, helped me see that.
This is all to say that, in a much smaller way, I have had my family's income, happiness, and future imperiled by O and the fanatical Dem operatives. They have used the media and clever propaganda to create the impression that Repubs and Tea Party members are fanatics, but they make Trotsky look like a piker.
I know how secretive, cunning, vicious, fanatical, and hate filled they can be. I've been at the other end of it.
If they are willing to take away my livelihood and threaten my family, what are then not capable of doing?
Unfortunately, I was forced to know it in 2007. Fortunately, many Americans are finally waking to this fact and how dangerous they are to the Republic.
James O'Keefe knows it, and is fighting their evil in creative and original ways.
The photos you see in this post are from my son and his football teammates. I admire his courage on the football field. It is time for me to show the same courage on the life field.

James O'Keefe spent time in the Federal Pen. He did the time. He kept his sense of humor, courage, class, humor, wit, intelligence, grace...and, judging by his girlfriend? wife? beauty.
I have only met a few great men in my life. James O'Keefe is a great man. He is young, but he is creative, bright, courageous, true, independent, and funny.
He is a Fenian warrior, although he may not know it. I am at the other end of life so I can pronounce him and celebrate him for that.
This bizarre cabal of pretenders and sophists that have captured the Federal power have no idea what they are up against.
Those who persecute him have control of all the levers of power...but it does not matter.
They are amateurs and in the end, the CITIZEN journalists like him will win.
And their time will pass as quickly as Nero, Stalin, Mao and all dictators do.
Celebrate James O'Keefe...his vision, courage, intelligence, wit, wisdom, and wonder.
And read his book Breakthrough.
It's a great manual.
I will defend him, American life, liberty and the pursuit of happines, freedom, my family, and Christianity to the end of my days.

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Moira said...

James O'Keefe is an inspiration. His veritas are useful even for those not engaged in serious undercover journalism. And yes, it's important to remember that we are never completely safe from backstabbers and informers. I have cousins with whom I no longer communicate over political ideology. Turning brothers against each other is a bitter but fitting legacy for Barack Obama.