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Life360 phone app is a good tool to use to keep your family safe before, during and after an emergency. Protect your fledglings from the dangers out there (see, for example, the red tail hawk on the oak fence in my back yard that often threatens our blue birds).
It does many things, but here are the most important:
  • Push the panic button and you can contact your family IMMEDIATELY if you have an emergency.
  • The GPS map shows you EXACTLY WHERE your loved ones are so you can find them IMMEDIATELY.
From my emergency management experience, I know that when an event hits, so too does tunnel vision, a racing heart, and delay from trying to process too much information in too short a span of time.
By pre-programming the phone number and email addresses of your loved ones, you can immediately contact and communicate with your loved ones. Be it a jihadi attack, a tornado, a terrible storm of any other daily event that hits somewhere and eventually picks you...be ready BEFORE it strikes. Download it and keep it handy on your cell phone for when you need it. It is disaster insurance of the first kind.
Robert Scoble's blog post is where I first heard of the Life360 phone app. Scoble's Life360 blog link.

Yesterday we saw horrid scenes of tornado and storm damage from the Midwest in the United States. But is there a way for you to get warned that one of those is coming? And is there a quick way to let your family know you're OK? Here I sit down with the founders of Life360.
An app that might help you survive a family disasterhttp://www.life360.com/
Here is a good comment on Scoble's original blog post (above) that explains how it works in a very practical way in a tornado.

Chris Hulls  -  +Rich Dailey Quick comment from the Life360 team (I'm one of the co founders). We definitely don't work 100% of the time...if your phone doesn't get a data connection, our app won't work. 
Our app is built for the 99.9% of time where nothing is wrong, and in those rare emergency instances, we have empirical data to show that we do indeed generally do our job (see this blog post with stats from usage in this recent tornado http://www.life360.com/blog/families-safe-and-in-sync-during-midwest-tornadoes/). We aren't a replacement for 911...we are a supplement for the majority of instances when a user can still connect to the web. I'd also add our focus is not just on emergencies but daily value, when connectivity issues are not a problem at all.
Mar 6, 2012   
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