Life Giving Water

Swallow Falls, and Muddy Creek Falls in Garrett County, MD are in an old growth forest of 300-year old trees with verdant wet pathways and nature's abundant beauty everywhere. Is there any sound more restful than a waterfall?
Water, sweet water, on the water filled planet. It's why I invest in the electronically-traded fund (ETF) PHO Power Shares Water Resources. It's why I live on a rock with a water pump that brings pure, fresh, clean water out of God's good earth pure and sweet anytime I want it.
And it's all over Shallow Falls. What a wonder.
Here are some photos and videos of the sweet water of Muddy Creek Falls. The videos show a larger waterfall, Shallow Falls, and a shorter waterfall, Muddy falls that the kayaker's use.

Of Your Earthen Body
This water gains power
and flows full,
increasing in pressure
Until it runs into
The forest.................., the dam..................
...............the massive dike.
The pressure builds ------------
And this life giving
pushes and slams
Seeks some final release
until it can no longer
be contained
And nature demands
her satisfaction
and pulls the waves
with a full-bodied moon
That y..a..n..k..s the water
the vacuum.
It is here life lives
here the soul dances
here evolution rules
Until, there is no quiet.
There is no peace.
There is only the answer,
"Because there is no other!"
To my eternal question, "WHY!"
I scream in surrender
As the seed-bearing water
overflows the dam,
enters the fertile valley,
And embeds silently
In the reservoir
Of your earthen body.

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