Great Frederick Fair 4-H

The Great Frederick Fair 2009 is always a wonder of the agricultural bounty of Frederick County, MD, and much more. This post will focus on agrictultural bounty. The next post will focus on networking and the third on the business end of fair, or pure capitalist wonder.
I find such county and state fairs a harvest reminder of the farming basis of this great American experiment and my own family's farm in Perkasie, PA and my Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors as well. My wife's family ownes and operates the Ruggles Orchard in Levels, WV.
So few Americans make their living at farming these days that we are in danger of losing our identity as an agricultural nation, yet agriculture is what created and continues to create the basis of our civilization. Agricultural fairs are a great way to remember how important the abundance of God's good earth is to our past, present and future.
So much of what goes on at any ag fair is created by 4-H, which includes science, engineering and technology. See their hard work reflected in their products below.

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