Alan Bean Astronaut and Artist

"When I was assigned as Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 12, I wondered if paying close attention as we traveled out into the heavens might result in some special insight, some better understanding about who we are and why we are here. With this in mind, I scheduled time to be still and alert; time to listen and be aware and receptive...
I look at the moon now, and it's hard to believe that half a lifetime ago, I was there. I still can't say if anyone else is out there, but I do know that there is a very real spiritual power within our hearts. Maybe that is where the answers for us have been waiting all along."
Alan Bean

Freedomliberty, equality, hard-work, paying all your taxes even (so a space program continues)...so many American characterists lead to so many great achievements.
Alan Bean presents his art to celebrate one of the greatest milestones: Apollo.
Now, if I could just afford one of the Corvettes astronauts used to drive to celebrate one of the capstones of American civiliization.

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