Add 911 ICE to Your Cell Phone

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"911ICE.org connects family, friends, and doctors with 911 during an emergency and links them to the critical personal medical information. Together, loved ones and providers share life-saving information, updates, and support. 911ICE is a FREE service that is accessed through the “In Case of Emergency” (ICE) contact in mobile devices."
*How 911ICE works Add it to your cell phone now.*
"There is a rapidly growing movement to put ICE (In Case of an Emergency) contacts into every mobile phone in the world in order to facilitate notification of emergency contacts and timely delivery of critical information to first responders. Putting ICE contacts into ones mobile phone is a very helpful, but imperfect and incomplete solution during life threatening situations.
911 ICEs combination of a toll free ICE phone number and cutting edge technology ensures that the key critical information is delivered promptly to emergency personnel and key contacts and then facilitates communication amongst care providers and loved ones via a personal health social network.
What 911ICE does:911ICE.org (ICE) is an emergency communication platform that leverages the established practice of checking a persons mobile phone for ICE (in case of emergency) contacts during a medical emergency. The ICE platform immediately connects first responders to a person's critical health/911 information and stored personal emergency contacts. In an emergency, 911ICE.org is a persons most reliable ICE resource. 911ICE changes the ICE contact in your mobile device from your spouse or mother to 800-ICE-8900. With no behavoir change the call by emergency responders now to our dynamic process informs and connects the emergency responders and profile contacts to your critical information and each other. This is innovative. Perhaps we are an "emergency twitter, PHR, Campfire " kinda thing.."
1. ALERT FIRST RESPONDERS: ICEs automated system provides accurate and immediate access to critical health information to first responders and to medical professionals in the ER via phone, SMS text or URL.
More reliable than listing specific individuals as emergency contacts in individual medical emergency and accidents
- Disaster situations (9/11, Hurricane Katrina) weaken traditional infrastructure, including phones and electricity. ICE provides simultaneous SMS updates to multiple emergency contacts
- A time saving convenience for first responders and ER personnel
- The faster critical health information is collected, the faster ER doctors can diagnose and treat a patient
2. ALERT EMERGENCY CONTACTS: ICEs automated system simultaneously notifies multiple designated contacts via phone, SMS text and email when a patients online health profile is engaged by first responders.
At any time, first responders can be connected directly with emergency contacts - a highly desired feature of information gathering that effectuates care and saves lives.
- Emergency contacts can provide additional vital information not included in a patients health profile (e.g. Linda mentioned having chest pains at work yesterday" or "he was in the hospital last week because he fell and hit his head").
3. CREATE VIRTUAL WAITING ROOM: When ICE is activated, a private online chat room (e.g. campfire plus) is automatically created (http://911ICE.org/JaneDoe_12345) to facilitate real-time updates and communication among loved ones and first responders. - and has applicability in e-Health far beyond this 500 word limitation!
A source of additional, vital information for emergency responders from the virality of the URL to extended family, friends, neighbors, co-workers - (e.g. " Yes, I was with him at the gym" - knowledge of such timing can often mitigate or even eliminate the damage to the brain from stroke)
Primary contact can post to the VWR via SMS text/email to simultaneously update family and friends
A source of comfort for loved ones that can be together online, if not in person, becomes a viral transient social network.
4. PROVIDE RECOVERY RESOURCES: ICE provides the patient and family social-media resources, which are accessible through the virtual waiting room, to help in the recovery process.
Problem: Medical Industry has no real compelling application to drive mass adoption and to get the initial taste of the consumer benefits of an EMR. Solution: 911ICE has the actionable reason to jump in. It is a gateway application to a bigger personal health play."

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