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I've been green for decades.
Being half Irish, green is in my very genes. When I traveled through Ireland in 1975 for 3 weeks on $70 back when a dollar was worth something, the Irish told me there are 57 shades of green there. I believe it.
And I believe in solar.
It is practical, useful, and fun.
I started to believe in it in 1979 when I worked at the Solar Energy Research Institute in Golden, CO. I still believe in it now.
What is unbelievable is that every time we fill our gas tanks we fund Mohammedians who demonstrate every day wherever they live in this world that they want all people to submit to their barbaric ways or die.
Solar is as much the American destiny in the 2100's as the West was in the 1800's.
I also believe there are 57 ways to create a green world anew and I won't allow Gore and the political lefty greenies to be so doctrinaire as to narrow it to one way: theirs.

What Can be Done
With so much false science and political stridency going around, I wanted to list some of the amazing people and companies that are actually DOING something out there, not pontificating and lecturing while they hypocritically lead the life of luxury while whining about what everyone else should do...or selling themselves carbon credits from their own company.

This says it all: Annual Global Renewable Resources Chart
Peak oil is real: MD Congressman Bartlett's wise presentation

First...INSULATE: Reflectix, Inc
Make it green...plant native American trees and plants from Pennsylvania: Musser Forests, Inc.
The best industrial wind turbine in the world (Made in Ohio): Get Smart Energy
Local guy with an incredible wind turbine, geothermal, solar inventory: Freedom Energy Solutions
A highly profitable solar company with a good product that knows how to market: First Solar
Thin Film for roofs, powering laptops, cell phones, and more: Iowa Thin Film
Solar design and products from a veteran solar guy: Renewables
Making all the window space on a building a solar collector is: Heliovolt
Solar is the solution: Mother Earth News
Put a sun vent on the roof: Sun-Vent
Solar water pumps: Solar Energy Systems
Reflective Roofs: Cool Roofs
Green Building How To: Oikos
Solar Manufacturing: Green Manufacturing Expo
Green Web 2.0

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