Knowledge at Wharton

If you ever wondered just who "The Man" is...the closest I ever got to The Man was going to school alongside Whartonites while attending The University of Pennsylvania. They think about money and wealth alot, as here.
They are unique. They help create this huge American economic miracle. Here is their intellectual jauggernaut: Knowledge at Wharton. If you are involved in any aspect of business, enjoy the articles, news, podcasts, analysis and data. They do a great job. Here is Wharton Publishing.

The Body Parts Market is a representative piece. This is particularly interesting to me because I was in Philadelphia for my niece's wedding recently and talked to my cousin who is a homicide detective there. He told me he just spent two years investigating a body parts ring that operated out of a back alley in North Philadelphia.
Bodies that were left to be creamataed were instead sent to this back alley where they were cut open for their very valuable body parts which were then stored in ice chests and sold to local doctors and hospitals. Who knew?

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