Improve Your PowerPoint Presentation

If you want a good Microsoftr PowerPointr (PPT) tutorial, visit the Florida Gulf Coast University PowerPoint Tutorial. You will learn how to: Get Started, Screen Layout and Views, Work with Slides, Add Content, Work with Text, Color Schemes, Graphics, Slide Effects, Master Slides, Saving and Printing, Keyboard Shortcuts, Design Tips, and Presentation Basics. PowerPoint Tutorial is the K to 12 of PPT.

If you want to exploit even more of the the full potential for Microsoft's PowerPoint, visit PowerPoint Magic. You can learn Accessible PPT, Master Chef, Dynamic PPT, Fine Touches, Content KISS, Mouse Overs, Perfect Line Up, PPT to Video/DVD, Repository, How to "See," and 3D Transitions. PowerPoint Magic is the college course in PPT.

And if you want to go where few men and women have gone before in their PPT presentations, visit CrystalGraphics PowerPlugs for PowerPoint for their many plug-ins.

These plug-ins include: television-style 3D transition effects, video backgrounds, charts and graphs, JPEG business photos on CDs, professional "shells," 90 Flash animations, song soundtracks, super shapes (animated clipart), screensaves that inform, motivate and persuade [read advertise], famous quotations, headings and coordinated backgrounds. PowerPlugs for PowerPoint is the graduate course in PPT.

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