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Read a brief and tightly-written review of two books, Blogwild! by Andy Wibbels and Naked Conversations by Shel Israel and ubberblogger Robert Scoble, by Richard Pachter of the Miami Herald, here. His headline reads, Can your business benefit from blogging? and his review and these two blog books will help you decide.

A directory of small businesses that have blogs can be found at the Small Business Blog Directory. Moveable type is worth looking into as well.

Another small business blog resource is pajama marketing. The link to the small Aldo Coffee Company in Mt. Lebanon, PA is worth reading and analyzing as it shows a small business blog that is well designed, easy to use, effective, current...and drives increased sales.

For productivity tips useful to small businesses, such as how to deal with email quickly, efficiently, and productively, you should visit 43 Folders.

For cheap advertising, find and use other business blogs that are in your market or a closely related market. Find out how at Blog News Channel by Nathan Weinberg, who says: I would suggest most bloggers give this a shot. The cost is minor, the exposure can be huge. Talk about using the long tail of advertising! I think that if we see more of these ads on blogs, and less ads for “valuable xml feeds”, AdSense will be more useful and entertaining for everyone.
This is the ad he has piggybacked onto Google ads: An Excellent Blog Nathan Weinberg knows what he’s talking about. Read his stupid blog [His words...not mine...in his ad] google.blognc.com

For more information, here is the Table of Contents of the Small Business Blog Directory:

Table of contents

1 Weblogs about Small Business Topics
1.1 Accounting-Finance, Small Business
1.2 Advertising, Small Business
1.3 Company Blogs (Blogs about a specific small business)
1.4 Content Management
1.5 Entrepreneurship & Business Ownership
1.6 Human Resources, Small Business
1.7 Intellectual Property Issues, Small Business
1.8 Legal Issues (blawgs), Small Business
1.9 Management, Small Business
1.10 Marketing, Small Business
1.11 Minority - Business Ownership
1.12 Motivation
1.13 News & Trends, Small Business
1.14 Online Marketing (including Search), Small Business
1.15 Organization (Getting Organized)
1.16 Public Policy & Regulations, Small Business
1.17 Public Relations, Small Business
1.18 Research, Small Business
1.19 Rural and Small Town, Small Business
1.20 Sales, Small Business
1.21 Selling to Small Business (The Small Business Marketplace)
1.22 Technology, Small Business
1.23 Weblogs About Small Business Blogging
1.24 Women - Business Ownership
1.25 Work-Life Balance

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