Randy's Tree Stump Removal

Trees vary in quality, beauty, and use.
For example, I have planted a number of oaks on our property, including a seedling from the Maryland Wye Oak that is just magnificent now.
Most of my trees provide food to birds (especially blue jays) and wildlife.
Unfortunately, we had five cheap contractor hybrid poplars in the front yard.
Poor Robin has been cleaning up the leaves and branches that fall from them for years.
No more.
As an early Christmas present to her, I hired Randy's tree service to take them down.
He took down six trees (the five hybrid poplars and a maple I planted years ago that I feared might fall on my neighbors house in a storm) in two hours.
The machine that ate the trees, branches and all still on them, was called "Intimidator" for good reason. It ground them up in minutes.
Randy, the owner, put on his spikes and shimmied up the trees like a cat...all while carrying a chain saw around his belt and maneuvering ropes like an Army Ranger on a cliff.
What is perhaps most amazing is that he only charged me $1000 to remove the six trees and grind up the stumps.
Below are the photos and videos that record the event.

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