Earthquake Hardened Salt Lake City Hall

The Salt Lake City Hall was hardened and retrofitted to resist a major earthquake. I was told that the cost was $30 million in 1980 dollars. It is an architectural gem and I present photos of the exterior and the interior public city council chambers so you can get a sense of how magnificent a building this is to see.
The exterior pictures of the building are at the top of this post while the interior pictures are at the bottom.
The Tour Stop 30 Salt Lake City & County Building plate shown here reads as follows:
1891-1894, Monheim, Bird & Proudfoot
The Salt Lake City & County building is one of Salt Lake City's most beloved landmarks.
The building is Utah's finest example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. Numerous detailed carvings, including Indian chiefs, Spanish explorers, and the faces of the first Mormon women to arrive in the Salt Lake Valley, decorate the building's exterior. Columbia,personification of the United States, crowns the clock tower. During the late 1980's, Salt Lake City undertook a major renovation of the building. It now sits on 440 base isolators which will allow the building to move as a whole during an earthquake. This seismic retrofit project received international attention for pioneering the use of base isolators in historic buildings."

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