The President is Hostage: Payback's a Bitch

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 The origin is when I went to see a friend who worked for Bush I in the White House. I was surprised by the lack of layered security in and around the White House, despite its reputation as the most secure building in the world. (This was 1989 remember.)
My friend suggested I write a white paper of my observations for him to share. I did. Then I got thinking about a novel based on some of those observations. 
The original novel was written in three weeks. That was the fun part.
The hard part was the rewrite. 

Given how the jihadis, in a continuation of their 1400-year long war against everyone, just killed that beautiful 8-year old boy Martin Richards, the Chinese grad student Lu Lingzi’s, and Krystle Campbell and Sean Collier, my hope is that the ideas in this book will contribute to the successful rollback of the eternal jihadi threat and their blood-soaked ideology.
I hope it stirs creative and innovative thinking to help preserve civilization from their barbaric onslaught.

Here is a synopsis.
Frank McKenna, West Virginia fruit grower and Special Forces Reservist, receives a call at 4:22 a.m. from the government. After a brief argument with his wife, Sara, he assembles his specialized gear and heads for a prearranged assembly point for his unit. On the way, he reads a passage from Proverbs 28: 1-2: “...When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a man of understanding and knowledge maintains order...” and Revelation 6:3: “...When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, “Come out! Then another horse came out. It was fiery red. And its rider was given the power to take away all peace from the earth, so that people would slaughter one another. He was also given a big sword.” Colonel Watson arrives at Frank’s orchard to use it as a command and operations center as so much of America’s once mighty war machine is compromised by the terrorist's first strike. [The photo on the cover is my uncle Ray Curley's burial at Arlington.]

            Abdullah, the mastermind behind uniting a dozen of the most lethal terrorist groups in the world to strike at the United States in one day, gives instructions to Ferric Mohammed, the American Black Muslim who has been on his payroll for years. Ferric has hidden behind front organizations like “The Committee for a Free Palestine” and “Muslim Brotherhood Association for Economic Development and Freedom.” for two decades to raise and train a terrorist force of 124,000 to assist in the destruction of America
            Together with Shining Path guerrillas, M-19, Japanese, sundry Middle Eastern, and other groups out on the fringe, Abdullah’s years at George Washington University and working in the United States paid off, he was in control of the White House and had the President of the United States hostage. 
The Pentagon is almost totally inoperative. All over the United States people are quick to find that those explosions are American icons -- the new World Trade Center, the Sears Tower, the TransAmerica Building, destroyed.
            Abdullah confronts the President and his circle in the White House bunker. He lectures him about the foolishness of supporting a million Jews over one billion Muslims. He shows the President news feeds that show how destructive his coordinated attack on the United States has been. He issues his demand that the Jews leave the Middle East.
            In a flashback, Adbullah goes to the mountain camps of the M-19 Shining Path. They agree to use their considerable skill at blowing up power plants to shut down America’s energy grid on the day of the first strike.

            Tom Wosniac, Ph.D. in Greek philosophy and Presidential intelligence aide de camp, visits Joe McKenna, Frank’s father, at the McKenna Orchard. He grills him about his job as a trolley driver in Washington, D.C. in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Joe McKenna’s father drove a trolley line that went right under the White House, which Tom wants to use to free the President and his staff. Over a satphone, Joe tells Frank exactly where the tunnel runs.
            Explanation of how Adbullah infiltrated the World Bank, IMF and other financial institutions and used his computer software experts to create serious financial disruptions worldwide the day of the attack. Background of the detailed planning that went into the assault.
            Frank and his unit land at Ball’s Bluff across from White’s Ferry above Potomac, MD and begin to weave down River Road to Georgetown. They meet stiff resistance from Adbullah’s army in Georgetown and on K Street. In coordination with several other Special Forces units, they succeed at escaping through back alleys to the Dupont Circle entrance to the tunnels under Washington, D.C.  Americans, a heavily armed people, are taking individual steps to harass and kill Adbullahs army all over America.
            Abraham Hershkowitz, Director of B’nai B’rnth, fights a pitched battle with terrorists with weapons stored at their headquarters after the Hunaffi attack. In one of those ironies of history that so entangle American-Israeli relations, it is the fact that B’nai B’rnth purchased German satellite telephones and backup batteries that allows them to transmit minute-by-minute intelligence updates of what was happening in Washington and at other critical assault points to Tel Aviv that are beamed back to any functioning American military and intelligence outposts.  Such intelligence is beamed to Paw Paw and Levels West Virginia.  It is an essential component of the counterassault Colonel Watson is transmitting to Sgt. McKenna who is now several yards from the President and his captures in air vent A-49 at the White House.
            Tom Wosniac coordinates the defense of the CIA that, along with the FBI building on Pennsylvania Avenue has held against the initial assault. Tom conceives of a strategy of raiding construction sights for bulldozers and leading counterassaults behind them, which is how he weaves his way from Langley to Dupont Circle to meet Frank. He informs Frank that Adbullah is a nail biter, and when he takes his hand off his weapon to bite his fingernails, that is the time to leap from the air vent to kill him. Frank fights a fierce battle at Metro Center and takes his men to the White House. Frank and his men meet another band of terrorists in the tunnel and waste them.
            As the American and international media hang on every word Abdullah spits at the President, Frank leaps through the vent in one move, fires his machine gun in a cross cut to neutralize Adbullah and his men, then seals the bunker door. He pushes the President, his family and several high-level White House officials into the vent before making his exit. He booby-traps the vent and listens to it explode three minutes after he leaves with the President.
            Frank gets the President to Tom Wosniac and a heavily armed special train at the now-secure Metro Center. Frank signals that the full-scale counterassault can begin. All over America, from New York to the White Sands to Los Angeles, the American military strikes back. Frank, his mission completed, joins a Marine unit on an assault on the Treasury Department and then on the counterassault to retake the White House. The heaviest fighting takes place at the World Bank and IMF, where Iranians, Iraqi’s, Russians, Libyans, Colombians, Peruvians, and Chinese units are especially well entrenched. One Marine counterassault unit discovers the terrorists killed 127 children in the World Bank’s Day Care Center. This news galvanizes the American people.

            From the Marmansk Russian naval station, General Kroslov reads the data that is pouring into his office from America. Up to now, he has cooperated with Abdullah, for a price. Now he can see that the tide is turning and he will not regain the power Russia once held vis-à-vis America from this fiasco. He orders his solders to destroy the evidence and to never admit any role in this drama.
            After several engagements with the terrorists, Frank suggests to Colonel Watson that they engage in MacArthur’s “Island Hopping” strategy, bypass the main enemy force and concentrate all firepower on vital links in their chain. This move is to minimize American casualties. Central Command accepts Frank’s strategy. Various pitched battles in and around Washington result in American victories.
            All across America that day skyscrapers are stormed, subways are rushed, and nuclear power plants are recaptured.  Each procedure required a careful combination of aggression and caution. Local police units take the initiative and kill thousands of terrorists in their areas. Although the Space Needle in Seattle, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the World Trade Center in New York, and the TransAmerica Building in San Francisco are all dust, the Kennedy Space Center and some other American treasures hold their own.
            After a mission to Siberia to explode the nuclear device the Russian’s had sold Adbullah, Frank returns to Washington, D.C. and shows up at Tom Wosniac’s door. Tom had been reviewing the pluses and minuses of the recent attack with his girlfriend but leaves with Frank to go to the Dubliner restaurant to down the beers they said they would share if they survived. Along the way the muse about the assault, and the lessons learned.
There is a bonus chapter with creative suggestions about how we can rollback the eternal jihadi threat and three poems at the end.

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