Pat Tillman's Spirit Lives

"There are some men
who should have mountains
to bear their names in time..."

For me, Pat Tillman, and all those who have given life and limb to fight the war on terror, are the kind of men described by Leonard Cohen in his poem, "There are Some Men."
Pat Tillman knew his life and the lives of his loved ones were threatened by jihadi's...and he took up the cause.
Here are some photos (they went *poof* but I will reload them ASAP) of the new Pat Tillman bridge near the Hoover Dam.
To all our enemies, foreign and domestic, I ask you to consider: American's built this and we are not done yet. Despite what you may believe or what the others tell you, we are strong and up to the contest. The Constitution, though under assault, still lives.
God Bless this unique experiment: America! Most of us still love this great land and we will do everything to ensure it is here for our children and grandchildren. Don't be fooled by the malcontents and self-serving who think our best days are behind us.
Pat Tillman took up the cause. Our fanatical enemies should know that we will always love and protect our own, as we have for centuries, because family, after all, is what it about in the end.

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