Scarecrow Family Problem Solving

I was a volunteer at the 2009 Mt. Airy Fall Festival with St. Michael the Archangel Church handing out materials to make scarecrows. It was a blast.
Mostly, it was families who paid the $5 to get twine (for suspenders), nylons (the head), a shirt and jeans, safety pins (keeping the parts together) and instructions. It was great to watch each family attack the task differently. Each learned problem solving skills and how to get along.
Other things were going on as well, as you can see in the photos below.
I had my picture taken with the mayor and his wife took the picture. That's whats great aabout a small town. A Frank Sinatra singer was there, too (see the video, below).
I love Fall Festivals, Country Fairs, Spring Flings, whatever gets families together for fun, creativity, and the skills that create this great American civilization.

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