Search Engines that do not Track You

Search is more than just Google. For proof, check out Venture Beat's article, "Who Rules Real-Time Search? and explore the brave new world of niche search engines (below) that he analyzes.

StartPage Excellent search engine  THAT DOES NOT TRACK YOUR SEARCHES
Duckduckgo Excellent search engine THAT DOES NOT TRACK YOUR SEARCHES 
Scoopler Aggregates and organizes content being shared on the Internet
Topsy A search engine powered by tweets
OneRiot Find the pulse of the Web
Tweetmeme The hottest stories on Twitter
almost.at Following people at real world events in real time
dailyrt The most popular tweets on the Web
twazzup Twitter search plus extras
FriendFeed Share anything online
Twitter Building a brave new world 140 characters at a time

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Monika Lorincz said...

Great list - however you missed one great search engine - surchur! :) It is a dashboard for news, pictures, blogs, tweets, products and more. We've been in the real time search business for over a year and we're only getting better with every passing month as we update according to customer feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on surchur.com.

Monika Lorincz