Mom Gets Twitter

Twitter is the fastest way to share and get information on the web.
  • Add followers, but do it slowly, trying to keep your followers and followees pretty equal.
  • Tweet — at least once a day, so you don’t look like a bot.
  • It takes time at first to build up followers and a good list of followees, but once you’re established, you can do anything on Twitter.
  • If you want to have any sort of online presence, you should start with Twitter (which can automatically update your Facebook account and your blog, so it’s really not adding too much extra effort).
  • Microblogging. It’s like a series of Facebook status updates in 140 characters, but better: more interactive, more open. Combines elements of StumbleUpon, Facebook, Email, IM, social/business mixers, and blogging.
  • Network. Connect with people...Share stories/pictures/ideas. Send news articles (shorten links using tinyurl.com or tr.im), upload photos (twitpic.com), or take a poll to see if an idea is interesting
  • Promote your product/website/brandTweet giveaways, events, sales, links to special posts. When people offer to stumble, don’t be shy.
  • Provide customer Service. Set up an RSS feed for your brand name on search.twitter.com. (e.g. Chris Brogan)
  • Build Relationships. Have real people (more than one, if possible) at your company tweet. Be personable and likeable (use humor). Interact, link to other companies.
  • Find mentors/sponsors. Follow people who are doing what you want to be doing, or who give opportunities to the people who are doing what you want to be doing.
  • Sign up on Twitter, then explore the different platforms to access Twitter (on the web, on your iGoogle homepage, on your phone, on your desktop). 
  • Find an app that works for you. Many people like Tweetdeck and Twirl. Iphone users like Twitterfon.
  • How To Twitter (Wall Street Journal)  (Note on settings — WSJ is mistaken. You can (now) determine whether you get all @replies or none, or only those that are between people, both of whom you follow).
  • 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business (Chris Brogan)

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