Twitter as Life Saving Tool...Again

Thanks to Janis Krums, once again Twitter beats the old school media to alert us about a tragedy. Much thanks, Janis.
Note: First responders, civil defense volunteers, emergency managers, homeland security employees, et. al., make sure you are connected to Twitter...and Twitter's many offspring, such as twitpic.
Robert Scoble was the first person in the West to know of the massive earthquake in China because someone sent him a Twitter Tweet. Once again, the value of this tool is proving itself.
Analyze, judge, sign up for, use...Twitter and its many offspring BEFORE an emergency.

FlightAware shows the flight path and a time of 0.06 for the flight. What a miracle...
About FlightAware

Founded in March of 2005, FlightAware was the first company to offer free flight tracking services for both private and commercial air traffic in the United States. FlightAware launched public operations in late 2005 and quickly became the most popular flight tracking service in the world. FlightAware's proprietary flight arrival time algorithms combined with FlightAware's powerful, intuitive, responsive, and reliable web-based interface yield the most capable and useful flight tracking application and service. FlightAware has offices in Houston, Texas and New York, New York.

Always Aware

FlightAware offers live flight data, airport information, weather maps and charts, as well as aviation news to nearly two million users a month. FlightAware also powers operational management and dispatch software, airport FIDS (flight information displays), and provides reporting data to aircraft and airport operators.

Enterprise Commercial Services

Aviation businesses (aircraft and engine manufacturers, charters operators, airlines, airport operators, government) rely on FlightAware's commercial services division for data analysis, trending, outsourcing of data processing, and finding the answer to tomorrow's aviation optimization and reliability problems.

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