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Fresh water is only 3 percent of the earth's water. Most is locked away in glaciers.
[With the huge growth in human population, that makes an ETF (electronically traded fund) like PowerShares Water Resources PHO a good long-term investment.]
Here are some my June 2008 family vacation photos and videos of Glacier National Park where that fresh water (and the plant and animal life it creates) lives and thrives and reminds us Who is really in charge of this unique, water-blessed planet.
When we were riding horses for 4 hours through the Park, my horse's saddle was not cinched correctly. The Appaloosa I was on did not care for my that and began to take off, bucking me sideways. Seeing I was going down and could hit a tree or the ground, I choose the ground. It then ran and bit my wife's horse which ran into the forest. Rather than hit trees, my wife jumped off her horse and landed on her back. The horse then ran in fast circles and she had to jump out of it's path. As in all emergency management, sometimes you have to choose the least painful way to survive which is not always the ideal way.
On the white water trip, the waves that strike the boat are powerful and can upend you at any time. Fortunately, we had an experience guide who directed the boat, and us, to adjust it to the shifting currents and around the various obstacles.
Glacial National Park is a biologically diverse and rich natural world that has to be seen to be believed. I wish you all that chance someday to experience it's glory. In the meantime, here are a few snapshots from my family's visit.
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