Clontarf 1014 at Havre de Grace

Clontarf 1014 was the Battle of Hastings for the Irish. Clontarf 1014 was deciisive for both the Irish and the Vikings. Eric E. Hass did a better job than I of taking photos of the reenactment on Flickr. Reenactors bring history to life, and my son Eamon and I had a blast.

The Clontarf 1014 reenactment took place in Havre de Grace. Captain Smith sailed there before Jamestown. The British burned it to the ground in 1812 but one Irishman, John O'Neill, held off the mighty British armada with a single cannon. A canal lock house from the early 1800's used to regulate coal and goods from Central Pennsylvania in Havre de Grace where the Susquehanna meets the Chesapeake Bay. Here are a few photos of Havre de Grace.

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