Zillman Virtual Private Library

Marcus P. Zillman gets it...the potential of the Internet. (Interestingly...I found him with a Mooter search.) He uses bots to plumb the Internet overmind (data mining, subject information blogs, information tracers, news aggregates, Internet MiniGuides, etc.) to penetrate it's outer reaches for useful information.

He helps you conduct searches, research and surf the Internet more efficiently. How necessary is that? For example, here is his employment resources link, and it is more comprehensive than Monster. At his Virtual Privary Libarytm I even found out my alma mater, The University of Pennsylvania, has a virtual library. Thiry years of magazines, alumni news, and other literature from them and I never knew.

Check out his reference information, white papers, search engines, and blogs. What a wunderkind. He's a national resource.

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