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Find 21st century California gold.
Jason McCabe Calacanis invites you to take your internet idea to Facebook-like reality. This is America. He's solid. Jason is "good people" as my family used to say.
If you have the right stuff, contact Jason (contact link below),fill out the application and get going. How great is free enterprise America, eh!!!


Friends, Three years ago I took on the pay-to-play "launch conferences" like DEMO, which charges $18,500 for six minutes on stage, with the TechCrunch50 conference. For that project I partnered with my good friend Mike Arrington. I'm proud to say that in three years hundreds of companies have launched at the event and we've given $150,000 in prize money! Two of the TechCrunch50 companies have had $100M+ exits:
Powerset, which was sold to Microsoft, and Mint, which was recently purchased by Intuit. The TechCrunch50 alumni have raised well over $500M in under three years, and many are on the road to Mint/Powerset-level exits. This entire effort was done without charging startups companies--something I'm very proud of.

TechCrunch50 is now the best way to launch your company. PERIOD, END OF STORY!!!My personal mission statement in life has evolved in recent years and is now: "To inspire, educate and support entrepreneurs." TechCrunch50, this email newsletter and This Week in Startups (my podcast) are the key components Im using to fulfill this mission.
Today I'm thrilled to announce another effort: Open Angel Forum.
The Open Angel Forum is designed to bring together bring together 15-20 high quality angel investors and five companies looking to raise capital. Unlike pay-to-play angel groups like Keiretsu Forum (which charges $6,000 to pitch their four San Francisco chapters!), the Open Angel Forum is free to startups and angel investors. The only people who pay to attend the event are a limited number of service providers (i.e. lawyers, recruiters, etc).
I'm inviting the angel investors I've developed personal relationships with over the years (many of whom have invested in Weblogs, Inc. or Mahalo.com). Think folks like Sky Dayton, Matt Coffin, Elon Musk, Kevin Rose, Ryan Scott, Mark Cuban, Fred Wilson and Ted Leonsis. I've also started angel investing as you probably know. My first two investments are
www.gdgt.com and www.challengepost.com. I'll be announcing two more angel investments in December. My goal is to do 5-10 a year.
The first Open Angel Forum will take place in Los Angeles on January 14th over dinner (probably at one of our angel investor's houses, if not a private room at a restaurant).You can read more about the Open Angel Forum in my welcome message here:http://openangelforum.com/2009/12/04/about-the-open-angel-forum/If you are an entrepreneur and would like to apply to present the form is here, and the deadline is right before Christmas. I'm going to personally select the first five companies to present. Open Angel Forum Application form: http://bit.ly/8T0rXKOn January 14th we will also announcement two more local chapters ofthe Open Angel Forum. If you're interested in getting involved as an angel investors please let me know (hit reply). Feel free to repost this/forward to a friend. Would like to get some press on this much-needed effort. all the best, Jason---------------------Jason McCabe CalacanisCEO, http://www.Mahalo.com

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