Spinn3r Blog and Twitter Index

Spinn3r describes itself as "the index of the blogosphere." The top of the list is the usual TechCrunch, Tim O'Reilly, Lance Armstrong and other Twitter heavy hitters.
What is especially useful, though, is buried in the middle and the bottom of the list. This is SEO and metadata at its best. Maybe it is the tech writer in me, but I have always found these kinds of lists save hundreds of hours of search time and reveal the angels that are still out there.

Found there are gems like:
Dave McClure about Internet entrepreneurs (who are among those hard charging private capital generators who will pull us out of the current recession)
SocialMedia411 " We keep a high signal-to-noise ratio and stimulate gray matter in the heads of doers and thinkers."
BreakingNews "Live breaking news and developing stories non-stop from America and every corner of the World. Since 2007, the fastest Twitter-based news service."

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