Calacanis has $50,000 for your Startup

Update: We’re hosting LAUNCH Mobile, Wearables & IoT again this year with our friends from Pivotal!
On October 15-16, Peter Rojas (founder of Gizmodo and Engadget), Sundeep Madra of Pivotal and I will welcome 40 of the most interesting founders to the stage for a dizzying look into the mobile future.
If you are a mobile developer or founder of a startup you can sign up as our guest (free!) here. Anyone else (VC, angel, big company exec, etc.) can purchase tickets here.
all the best, @jason calacanis
Jason Calacanis and TechCruch offer $50,000 to jump start your company at TechCrunch50 Conference 2009. Jason gives detals below.
"Topic: Launching your company at TechCrunch50 (or an event)
When: September 14-15, 2009, San Francisco, CA
Disclaimer: This is somewhat self-promotional, but
heartfelt. Skip it if you're not launching a company/not interested in TechCrunch50. :-)
I want you to launch your new company at TechCrunch50 this September in San Francisco. Not only that, I want you to win the competition and take down the $50,000 grand prize! For background, the TechCrunch50 event is a conference where 50 companies demo their new product or service on stage for eight minutes before a panel of industry experts. It's basically "American Idol" or "Britain's Got Talent" for startup companies.
The conference was started two-and-a-half years ago over a steak dinner with Michael Arrington, the editor of TechCrunch, tech pundit Steve Gillmor and me. While eating far too much red meat, I explained to Mike that, during my Silicon Alley Reporter days, our business was largely based on conferences. A TechCrunch conference was guaranteed to be a hit. Mike wasn't sure, but Steve Gillmor was. Steve pushed us to collaborate on an event, and I suggested that we do something to help entrepreneurs break out. A DEMO-style conference, only without what I call DEMO's $18,500 "conference payola" charge. I offered, "what if the winner got a $25,000 prize?" In classic Mike Arrington style, he responded "let's double it to $50,000."Any two or three people with six weeks on their hands could build a demo that knocks our socks off. It really is that simple: two to five folks busting their butts for a couple of weeks to make something that solves a big problem and is well executed (but doesn't need to be complete). If you get into the event, you're guaranteed to get countless meetings with venture capitalists and the press. If your product and business plan are solid, and you've got a decent team, you're going to get

funding. Period. Almost all of the companies in the event for the past two years have raised money. Some of them have raised a LOT of money.
Of course, many folks have tanked--that's the nature of startups. However, your entire live could change by buckling down for two months and making something that knocks our socks off, enabling

you to get on that stage and knock the socks off the rest of the world. We don't care wh
o you are, where you're from or who you know. We only care about how frackin' cool your work is and that you get your application in by June 30th.TechCrunch50 is a meritocracy in which you're not qualified by being able to pay a ransom in payola or because you know the right person. You're
going to get into TechCrunch50 because you've got a KILLER IDEA and KILLER EXECUTION. Period. You can do it. You know you want to do it. The only question is WILL YOU DO IT!?!?!?
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If you want to attend, you can buy one of the half-price "recession busting" tickets that are only $995 and which are almost sold

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