Freedom from Splog

Blah...blah...blah...blah...blah...my father used to repeat rapidly when he thought our conversation had crossed into nonsense which reminds me of the blog...blog...blog...blog...many of which have not only crossed over to nonsense but turn out to be fakes called splogs. Do not confuse the blogs that are started -- and abandoned --- with splogs, which are more insidious.

If you have visited a number of blogs (weblogs) as I did to research what they are before building poetslife.blogspot.com, you notice that the good side of blogs -- knowledge, data, tools, technical news, investor help, and educated opinion -- now has a bad side -- front sites for credit card sniffers and all the whacky and pug ugly illegal activity that has gone on for years in spam...therefore, spam blogs (or splogs).

A critical eye and extreme caution has always been necessary when visiting on-line websites, instant messaging, in chat rooms, clicking on search hits and especially when opening email to avoid the scam artists, quick-buck wiseguys, and front companies, many of which operate out of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia where American law does not apply. Now, that motley cast of characters has migrated to blogs and created splogs to fleece you.

What can you do to avoid splogs? Know what they are, protect your system from them, and avoid them as you do with spam. Here's help.

Read: Fighting spam sites - latest battle in the blog wars, On Blogs by Troy McCullough of the Baltimore Sun, Opinion, 1/15/2006

Theodore White, a giant of a journalist who covered the major wars of the 2oth century to include the Chinese-Japanese war of the 1930's and 1940's so you can imagine what he saw, when asked once what wars were fought over, answered in one word: "Ideas." This war to keep the Internet I and II safe and useful will be won by whoever has the better ideas. My gratitude to the ebiquity group at the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMBC) campus for being the first line developing the ideas that will contain and defeat the sploggers.

Find out more about the the UMBC ebiquity group blogger ideas.

Just like using AVG, Spybot and A-Squared regularly and using a separate modem ID help you protect your system, if you have or use a blog, you may want to look into these tools to protect your system from splogs: Fightsplog.
  • Report splog to Splog Reporter.
  • Identify splog websites to be blacklisted to SplogSpot.
  • Click the flag button in the toolbar of your blog to report splogs at Blogger.
And under "It happens to the best of us!" know that even Robert Scoble, Microsoft Chief Evangalist, gets splogged.

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