Google Blogoscoped

When I was a student at the American College (now University) in Paris, France I knew a German guy like Philipp Lenssen, the creator of the blog Google Blogoscoped. He reminds me of that German guy I did research with at Nanterre University on Saturdays.

The German I knew in Paris in 1975 was married with two children, worked two jobs, and when I was researching Josef Goebbles and the Nazi Propoganda Ministry for a paper on the Politics of Facism, he was writing two books on the current French officials who had collaborated with the Nazi's in WWII.

When those French officials got wind of his research they invented a reason to revoke his libary card and he was no longer able to use the Nanterre University libary. Anyway, Philipp is that kind of German...a chronic overachiever heading into new areas of knowlege, but instead of French lackeys for the Nazi's, his blog concerns the titanic impact of Google on the world. As he says on his blog,

I believe Google is important because it serves as our pair of eyes in this virtual world. It is also a key to human knowledge and our global consciousness. It has the power to shape the thinking of millions of people hundreds of times everyday. Google isn't just a search engine; by adding more and more services (like Orkut, Google Talk, Blogger, Gmail, Google Desktop Search, Google Groups, Google Maps, Froogle, and Google Answers) it is quickly becoming the desktop of the future, and an extension to our brains.

Visit Google Blogoscoped early and often for informed analysis of the nanosecond-by-nanaosecond impact Google is having on the overmind...and yours.

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