Smith Island Cake Sweetness and Light

My wife Robin and I just spent our five-day August, 2014 vacation at the Petite Maerin Cottage in Ewell,on Smith Island.
While there, as there were no places open to buy breakfast, we ate Smith island cake. It is a very sweet, multilayered, uber tasty cake unique to Smith Island, MD.

Ours was baked by the manager of the Petite Maerin Cottage, Sharon Bruce (410 425 3181). (Her husband, Barry Bruce, is a Waterman who showed us his tradecraft. I will cover that adventure in my next post.)
You can see from the photo our cake was peach with vanilla icing. I never thought I could eat cake for breakfast for five days, but Sharon's cake was so good I did.
Wonderful food, this Smith Island cake, to last as breakfast for so many days. My wife was right. It is so good you can eat it for breakfast.

There is also a commercial bakery there called Smith Island Baking Company where you can order traditional Smith Island cakes (chocolate, lemon cream, strawberry and cream, cooked coconut, double chocolate, red velvet, double chocolate raspberry, and chocolate and peanut butter) as well as all natural Camden Yards Oriole orange, large and small birthday packages (cake and ice cream), and chocolate fudge (with a hint of peanut butter).
(My taste buds are dancing after writing that paragraph.)
When Robin and I visited, it had that delicious fresh, warm baked cake scent I remember from when I worked the summer grave yard shift at Tastykake in Philadelphia when I was a college freshman. There is nothing like that sweet, sugary, scent to get the brain moving.
They ship to all 50 states. Here is their contact info: Smith Island Baking Co., 410 425 2253. info@smithislandcake.com
While there, we ordered a chocolate cake for Robin's co-workers that we kept fresh in a cooler until we got home.
From a woman who has been baking Smith Island cakes for decades or from the commercial Smith Island Baking Co. where they're also made by hand and from scratch, the Smith Island cake is a delicacy worth trying.
And it should be preceded by sweet fresh Smith Island crab meat.

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