BarleyJuice Celtic Rock for St. Patrick's Month

Went to see BarleyJuice for an early St. Pat's Day Party (March is St. Pat's Month as BarleyJuice says) at the Sykesville Freedom District Volunteer Fire Company after having seen them at the Carroll County Arts Center for several years. Great craic, as always.

My wife once danced with a dance troupe called "Deaf Dimensions" when I was courting her. She has always been a natural dancer, and she had me out on the dance floor doing Irish or Rock steps according to the music Juice was playing. Guess we did alright because our friend, Pat Rockinberg, the Mayor of Mount Airy, said we looked pretty good out there dancing. I'll take it.

BarleyJuice plays the kind of rhythmic Celtic/rock fusion music that makes you want to dance and celebrate in a visceral way being Irish American with "800 years of slavery at the brutal hands of the English rulers and their Irish collaborators but still laughing and creating anyway" Irish roots.

And here are a few links to learn more about BarleyJuice.

BarleyJuice Wiki

(Civil defense side note: spoke to an EMT who, when I asked about the HUGE generator outside the fire house and noted how magnificent the building was, said, "We had a catastrophic fire a few years ago during a heavy snowfall when the roof collapsed and hit a gas pipe. This building is brand new and only opened two weeks ago. Given how well equipped they are for shelter in place during a major disaster, it is worth a visit to their website (link above) to see how they do it.)

Here are some photos and vids of the energy, creativity, vitality, joy, magic and spirit they bring to an ancient Celtic music done in new ways.



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