Football Eamon Xenith Helmet

2011 Season Update: So far, Eamon's Xenith helmet has served him well. No trips to the emergency room and he can do his homework each night, saints be praised!

Football is a fun, exciting, beautiful, and intense athletic American game.
But when my fourteen-year old, Eamon, approached my wife and I about playing this year, we were not thrilled. First, he would have to take a break from his violin and his martial arts, both of which through his hard work he has mastered.
More importantly, we worried because we both knew from past family experience that too often football fun is accompanied by its underside, traumatic brain and spine injury and concussions, knee damage, and other football injuries that can be life long problems.
After my wife told me once when we went to dinner that I had to let him play I decided to at least try to make him as safe as possible while he played. After extensive research I discovered Xenith. They have created a football helmet that is a technological masterpiece that can greatly lesson the chance of brain and spinal injury.
I bought Eamon one and he has used it at practice and in games (see photos and vids below).
Everything about the Xenith helmet is different, including these advanced features:
  • Hardened helmet exterior with multiple ventilation openings.
  • A flexible Shock Bonnet(r) creates a suspension system of strategically placed Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers that adapt the helmet's compression to the magnitude and direction of the impact, reducing the sudden movement of the head, thus preventing injury.
  • Fit Seeker(r) cables and chin strap snug the shock absorbers to he head.
  • Aware-Flow Shock Absorbers reduce movement of the head and reduce the chance of traumatic brain injury.
Vincent R. Ferrara, MD, MBA Xenith Founder & CEO, the man who thought up and created this football helmet, has the ideal background to have done so. He is a 1996 graduate of Harvard University, where he played quarterback on the Varsity Football Team. He suffered numerous concussions playing football. He is also a 2004 graduate of Columbia University’s Medical and Business Schools. This is from the Xenith website.
"Vin Ferrara’s experience with concussions helped him realize his calling while at medical school in 2004.
“I happened to witness a brief clip of Philadelphia Flyers center Eric Lindros suffering what was probably his 10th diagnosed concussive episode on what seemed like an entirely unnecessary hit to his head,” Ferrara recalls. “My first thought was, ‘We need better helmets.’”
Today, Ferrara is the CEO of Xenith, a Boston-based start-up he founded six years ago, literally weeks after graduating from Columbia’s business and medical schools and following a record-setting stint as quarterback at Harvard.
Xenith creates football helmets that – unlike traditional foam or urethane
-linked helmets – use 18 thermoplastic shock absorbers shaped like hockey pucks to release air upon impact.
The harder the hit, the more the impact force is minimized and — like a car airbag — the speed in which the head moves inside the helmet is reduced.
This absorbing process theoretically lessens the risk of head trauma in sports, particularly football, where an estimated 43,000 to 67,000 high school football players each year suffer concussions, according to The National Athletic Trainers Association."
Based on his experience, the Xenith objective that it helps prevents brain and spinal injury is true. I urge any parent who is concerned about these injuries to look into a Xenith helmet for their offspring. The helmet costs a few hundred, but that's cheaper than one visit to the emergency room.
As you can see in the photo, we're happier knowing he's safer on the field and having fun. My thanks to Vincent Ferrara for inventing this technological wonder.

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