Honoring Vauk and Ruth

It was a privilege to write the 2010 9/11 speech given by Mount Airy, MD, Mayor Pat Rockinberg to honor Navy Commander Ronald J. Vauk and Army Chief Warrant William Ruth, who gave their lives with thousands of other Americans that day to remember them. The ceremony took place in the Mount Airy American Legion parking lot.
"Thank you all for coming this morning.We are gathered here today in the wonderful Town of Mount Airy in the best country on earth……the United States of America…To honor and memorialize two sons of Mount Airy who perished at the Pentagon on 9/11 while defending us and serving our country.
Navy Commander Ronald J. Vaulk was only 37 years young when he lost his life while on an assignment he had begun just the day before… and . . .Army Chief Warrant William Ruth, 57 years old lost his life after surviving two wars, Vietnam and the First Gulf War, and teaching young people as a social studies teacher for nearly 30 years.
I can think of no better way to pay tribute to these great men, their legacy, their ultimate sacrifice, and that of other military veterans who have given their all throughout our history than to honor them with this Patriot’s Day Ceremony.
Their service and sacrifice to our country sets an awesome example to the youth gathered here today. They touched and changed many lives, many of which they never met. The future of our great nation is in the hands of all of you. You have an awesome responsibility and tradition to uphold a great legacy of freedom, liberty and sacrificial love. But looking at you today, I’m confident we are in good hands.
Thank you to the many community organizations and youth groups gathered here today.
On behalf of the Town, I thank you for your community service and congratulate you on the certificates you will be receiving.
May you always demonstrate the love of country, family, and God shown by those who came before, and may God Bless Commander Ronald J. Vaulk and Chief Warrant William Ruth.
We especially want to express our deep gratitude to their families. God Bless everyone gathered here today and God Bless America.
Thank You."
It is hard to hear in the video due to traffic, so I provide the text of the speech above because I think it is a wonderful tribute to two of thousands who gave all that day. I especially honor and prayer for their families who survive their passing. My family suffered the loss of our MIA Frank Curley for many decades through the generations, so I have some idea of how hard such a loss can be.
I am proud of Eamon who, despite of having strep throat (we found later that day when we took him to the doc), played Amazing Grace on his violin to honor Vauk and Ruth, and those Civil Air Patrol and Scout's honored at this, the new Patriot's Day ceremony.

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