Bluebirds and Hummingbirds

This week I had the gift of seeing a brood of bluebirds reach full growth and fly away. I also had to rescue a hummingbird that was stuck in the garage. (After he was exhaused, I put a pole near him. He jumped on it, I lowered it and he flew to freedom).Read about how the North American Bluebird Society (and Dr. Lawrence Zeleny) helped save this wonder of nature here.

Blue Bird of the Manger

Journalists, media moguls
And Hollywood thespians
Appear daily to tell us
The world is ending,
The earth is warming.
And death, destruction,
Disease, starvation

And all form of pestilence
Are one more pollutant,
One more war,
One more way,
Other than their way,
Just about to strike.

And yet, the blue birds sing.
They arrive Christmas Day
Just when it seems
They would never appear
In the nest box some poet
Put in the middle of a garden.

They sing and sing
From God’s lips
To our hearts
To tell us the answers
Are with our Creator

If we are not so busy
Worrying and pontificating
To hear the bluebirds sing
From their holy nest box
Around the crypt, city and country
About The Gift in the manger.

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