Attract Customers with Wind Turbines

How do you make your business stand out in these tough economic times? The owner of the Brick Ridge Restaurant on Route 27 in Mount Airy, MD, attracts new customers with a Skystream Wind Turbine. That, according to the owner who recently installed one.
After much research, he selected the Skystream wind turbine.
"People who drove by the restaurant everyday now stop by to see it work and buy a meal." according to the owner.
Here is a detailed view of the alternator, blades, inverter, and sound isolator.
How it works.
Learn about the wonder of small wind.
We will triumph over our dependence on hostile countries for our energy needs with billions of small steps. Small wind turbines are one of our most important small steps.
The Skystream, as you can hear on the videos below, is very, very quiet. "Most customers are surprised at how quietly it operates." says the owner.
Depending on your system configuration, building codes, and site for the pad, your cost will be anywhere from $12K to $22K. He paid $22K for this one.
Take it from a senior technical writer, the Skystream Owner's Manual is well organized and well written. It uses the right mix of procedures, charts graphs, photos, graphics, electrical diagrams, warnings, cautions, tips and options. Skystream should submit it to the Society for Technical Communication technical publication contest because they would win first place.
For all you techies, here are the specifications.
Skystream 3.7 photos has a number of installation photos so you can get a better idea of the beauty and utility of the Skystream.
Reduce your energy costs and attract new customers. Install a wind turbine and catch the dollars of new customers in these rough markets.

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