Search Right with Viewzi

A a senior technical writer and software usability tester, I am always on the lookout for useful new search tools. I just found one: Viewzi. Although it is still in beta, my testing of it showed it to be robust, deep, easy to use, and in many ways, revolutionary.

Viewzi is a new visual-based search engine worth checking out.
It is genius. It is a visual feast. It is extremely useful.
I write manuals with at least two photos on each page because we live in a visual age. I'm a poet, but I recognize the reality that the age of words is past. So has Viewzi.
Viewzi displays results in multiple ways as you can see if you click on any of the Views below. Now that they have figured out the platform, no doubt they will add new views that are now on Viewzi Beta.
Google...you've been warned. Keep any eye on Viewzi because their search aggregator, in my usability testing of it, is revolutionary.

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