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Breezy Willow Farm and Evening Shade Farms hand-create soap, moisturizer, and lotion products that help the largest organ of the body, skin, last longer and enjoy greater health. I highly recommend both. They make their first-rate products from plants they grow and goats they raise on their farms.
My favorites include: Blackberry Sage soap, Sandalwood soap and the Jasmine Absolute, the Ewe Are Marvelous Organic Body Lotion, and the Handmade Felted Soap (a soap wrapped in wool that is especially good for people with arthrites who can hold onto it due to the wool wrap).
Breezy Willow Farm, West Friendship, MD, POB 134, PO Box 134, West Friendship, MD,21794,410-442-1807, RJCaulder@aol.com
Here is the story of RJ Caulder's Breezy Willow.
Evening Shade Farms
12790 SE Hwy TT, Osceola, MO 64776,(417) 282
6985, info@eveningshadefarms.com. All of her products are first-rate. My favorites include the Peppermint Infused Foot Cream, the 4-herb and apple cider Nail Fungus Soap, the Liberty Rose Moisturizer, and the Elder Cream. Here is a good article about how Gayl Bousman creates her soaps.

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