Hoover Dam, Pat Tillman Bridge

Although we only had a half day at the Hoover Dam, it was well worth the visit, even in the 113 degree heat from hell. My gratitude to the men who. during the Great Depression, worked and died to tame this mighty river to the benefit of generations of Americans.
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O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge

Not that the government can ever make up for what it did to the Tillman family, but at least they are naming a bridge, and not just any bridge, after him. The Hoover Dam Bypass US 93 reflects his character in its generosity, span, talent, and indomitable spirit. For a variety of excellent reasons, it is going up right above Hoover Dam.
It is stunning to see up close what is required to build this bypass, as stunning as a multimillionaire professional football player giving up the money and fame to go to Afghanistan to make the ultimate sacrifice. Were that there were more professional athletes like Pat Tillman, but sadly he is the rare and one in a million. Here are some photos of the O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge as it is being built.

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