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Near-death experiences, in my experience (and I've had a number of them), lead to a high level of awareness soon afterwards. You look at things differently. A 20-year old in his grandfather's Jaguar cut in front of me and almost killed me recently. Here are some Web links and photos of rural Carroll County, MD where I live. These scenes are there every day. I just went out and captured them today because I'm still alive. And here area a few recent poems. Being alive is good.


There is a massive oak tree
I pass on my may to work.
Today, it was broken in half.
A proud oak
Brought down by forces of nature.
In my genes,
Is a code that can split me in two.
Unlike that great oak,
I can get up, replant myself
And grow again
With spirit, grit and grace.

Saving a Life

It’s true.
I dragged you from the fire
Half burned and unable to find the exit.
I guess you could say
I saved your life that day.
But it will never compare to the way that
Through food, warmth, hard work, laughter
And a woman’s love and life force
You have saved my life every day
Before and since that day.


I’m in a groove
Waiting for my oldest son Josh to show
To see Little Miss Sunshine
A movie with Steve Carell
A funny actor we both enjoy
When I think of my mom,
Dead three years now,
And how her face lit up
When any of her 8 children
Or 19 grandchildren would visit
And I know that, feel it,
The groove, that moment of happiness
Raised to a power of ten
Because here is my family,
Strong, shared, tender, good,
And even if people on the news
Are lobbing rockets and missiles
And bombing each others families,
My family here is safe,
And safe is oceans from sorrow.

Life School Dance

When I was young and naive
I splashed on too much cologne
And dressed to the nines
And headed to the school dance
To laugh with my friends
And to steal glances of lasses
With shy and bold smiles
Who flipped their long hair
And exposed their necks
And laughed some more until,
Tired of the teasing,
I asked them to dance
And the music took control
And everything was new
And mysterious and wondrous
Until, after more giggling and shy banter
If the girl was sweet or the timing was right
I would end up practicing at kissing
But mostly laughing because neither
Of us knew that this charged ritual
Eventually led to courting, marriage,
Children, mortgages, and bills,
Or the quarried heartache
Of a child lost in war.
Such a timeline is never revealed
In the first laugh or kiss.
Thank God.

Jesus Sign

“Honk if you know Jesus!”
I read the sign and respond
Honking my horn
And the fellow who holds it
Raises his hands and thanks me.
That takes courage.
Not for me
For him
Standing by the side
Of a busy highway.
Some may gesture with a digit
Some may throw things at him
Some may almost run him over.
But some honk
And that’s enough for him.
Clap your hands if you know Jesus!
If you are at a reading.
Clap your hands if you love Jesus!
If you are reading this.

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