Magic Moments

Magic Moments

There are those magic moments

Before work when the day holds promise
And you know you can do what's required

The anticipation of the son returned
From college who left a boy, now a man.

The younger son who draws a picture
Of you asleep before Santa's arrival

A wife who designed the kitchen
In a way which you never could

And the truck that leaves the road
Around the S-Curve with ice

And instead of hitting the tractor trailer,
Or the oncoming cars and trucks

Stops 20 feet from the guardrail,
No damage but to the blood pressure

And you pause...and give thanks,
Now knowing what alive means.

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Traci said...

So true...everyday has so many magic moments. It is a tragic life for those who never see them. Before I go to bed each night, I choose to remember at least one magic moment. Usually its the sight of my daughter's smile.